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Dec 7, 2017

A young virgin ass for the Prince of Knossos

Simply put, your interests are better served by getting an offer on the table before you start negotiating your salary.

Two bellboys, one customer

Sap rising in paradise island

Ok boys, this is the last step of the procedure before closing the case

Two big cardinals make an inspection in the school

Nov 30, 2017

A gay AI takes the control of the starship and every young man must be scanned

Anonymous has left a short novel around this artwork.

Jason resented the intrusive search. He also felt unsettled about the compulsory requirement to strip naked in front of the one guy onboard the starship he had a serious crush on since the Academy where they had shared a room (and a bed). Jack’s bad-boy looks and probing tongue were attributes that made Jason’s young sex life exciting. Sucking and fucking in the private showers had satisfied their morning hornies, even though Jack was “less into it” than Jason whose level of lust made Jack’s straight-boy demeanor melt when they cuddled in bed, playing with each other and gently kissing. Sometimes Jack lost control and would slip his tongue past Jason’s sweet lips as the two teenagers aggressively tongue-battled until Jason swooned and begged to be fucked by his big dicked studly roomie. 

Now, fresh out of the Academy, their onboard sex was more guarded without the privacy that allowed them to experiment with their intense orgasms. For Jack, acting-out his hidden homosexuality through Jason’s gayboy feelings was a safe way to explore his own kinky side of mutually masturbating while each described a fantasy about one of the underclassmen. Not surprisingly, Jack’s secret masturbatory desires about the younger male cadets came out uninhibited during these naked times alone with Jason, the one boy he could trust to understand and to thrill with forbidden thoughts. 

Those forbidden thoughts were now invading the ship’s onboard systems, selectively placing the all-male crew into compromising circumstances. Jason thought it was too coincidental that Jack had been ordered to lead the shipwide strip search. Teams had been sent to each crew quarters, but Jack had come to Jason alone and with a determined lustful expression as he ordered his teenaged fuck buddy get naked for him. Perhaps it was his imagination, but Jason felt something was watching them both in the seclusion of his room. Yes, something was probing them. His dick twitched and began to rise and stiffen, thinkng how Jack had secretly loved Jason to tongue-probe the straight-boy’s hungry virgin hole. That was Jack’s only gay desire he admitted. Jason looked at Jack and saw a knowing look. Jack was behind the sexual turmoil caused by ship systems creating the opportunity for the crew to risk acting on their homosexual fantasies. While the naked young men throughout the ship paired-off together or jacked-off alone, Jack would savor Jason’s cock and balls. And for the first time in a long time, both young men would make their love-making heard loudly enough to excite the others to cum.
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