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Nov 5, 2017

Prior servicing the commander, a perfect stand at attention is necessary

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Once out to sea, away from the meddling moral standards, and prying eyes of others, the commander could conduct his inspection of the young crewmen, delighting in feeling-up the newest of the teenaged boys, beginning with Hans.The young man had been discovered in the cargo hold, stripped to his skimpy briefs, playing with the dick of one of the cabin boys.The early morning watch crew reported the delicious details of the boys moaning as their tongues slithered in French kissing with the cabin boy completely nude while in the lap of young Hans. The commander suspected the discovered homosexual seduction of the young crewman was intended to mark the celebration of the all-male sexual voyage and initiate young Hans to the pleasures of mutual male orgasm. But the interruption of the naked male tryst had caught the young teens before they could enjoy their sexual climax. Hans had been left with his fingers coated in the cabin boy’s slick pre-cum.
As he fingered the kid’s erection, the commander considered the impure thought that both teens were still cocked and ready to blow their loads. “Bring the cabin boy to me,” he told the watch crew as he saw Han’s eyes blink wide in shock. A small spot of spermy wetness appeared in the teen boy’s panties just at the tip of the rock-hard cock. He would have both young seamen kissing with his naked penis shared between them. Young seamen were aptly named, he mused in thinking of the hot sticky semen churning in their tight young balls and shooting from their lovely sexy dicks.
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