Mainly used for reproduction purpose, this slaves are also useful for recreational sex.

The dance class can go on !

You do a mistake, I'm the delivery guy, not the pizza !

Sorry my brothers, but i must rent you to pay the bills !

The last gogo boy in a closing club

Ambitious students know how to play with their teachers

O tempora O mores

The young valet has scratched his car...

Straight actors must be trained twice more time than gay one.

For the young men in detention center, time go through slowly.

Words are useless.

Their coach use baboon's pheromone as doping drugs.

A new Rapid Heart Pictures movie

Be quiet, the first storm on a warship is always frightening, go in my berth.. We'll talk about you girlfriend and your family...

All room service likes extra tips

Trust in me, my cock always shows the right direction !

I'm a good grandpa, but If you want a place to sleep and a dinner, show me also something...

Don't worry ! In this clinic we're specialised in young man body... but exams are long and deep !

Oh ! Please, may I watch the end of the show, before going in your bed, my sweet daddy ?

Discovering the benefits of russian sauna

Unable to sleep when he shares bed with his best buddy

A new moon is rising

Sometime, an angel can be trapped.

Your sister Gretel is too boring, so I'll fuck you each night during the next month...

Purple day

Kitten grow up well in good nest

So, may I have the role ?!

Crossing gazes

Bounty mutiny

A new pedagogical method : A blow job for each wrong answer

Morning rituals in the jail's dorm

The coach must deal with jealousy between players