The mixed feelings of a worshiped straight guy

Wash carefully by yourself your boys to keep their beauty

Finally, Hadrian kept Antinous in Rome during his journey in egypt

Friends share a lesbian magazine

Lord Morecock holds the best recruitment agency for private household staff of the whole Britain

This bishop always offers a good place to sleep for the poor guys

This young Lord have always played with the stable lads of his rich father

Rest in the barracks

For their 20th birthday, the most deserving boys are invited into the Sultan's bed

Your gaze, divine and infernal, pours out confusedly benevolence and crime...

Broke student and silver daddy

Designers debate around the new model for their spring collection

The wild cocks patrol

Let's go ! You have not brought me in this room to talk, mister !

Hermes and Apollo dispute over a cute shepherd's butt

Sorry angel

What a busy day for the slaves merchant

Educating the youth