Monsignore Morecock agrees to take young runaways under his wing.

Two young men on couch

As a slaves trainer, I'm not your friend, young pearl... now dance and move your ass... Tonight you will see the emperor !

Don't trust him, don't open the cell !

Midnight Meeting with the major in the bathroom

Undress him slowly, don't afraid him

In this boot camp, a pervert sergeant incorporate the recruits...

Merry Christmas

Another young country guy who managed to conquer his shyness and finally find his first job in the big city

Straight guys are always nervous when they get their first big hard-on with a man

Enslaved by a gay Jarl, they had to learn how please.

Lifeguard in Minoan beach

Punishment for the young gamekeeper

Wild boys of the old Mississippi

Locker room revelation : Who's smart, who's lucky and who will be alone for ever...

This three new slaves are germanic, they seem more strong and rough than the syrians, but perhaps less intelligent.

Naughty selfies in the headmaster office.

Now, fucking mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful !

Really ?! Are you sure that your sister doesn't laugh at my cock ? Tell, me ! You're my best friend !

He hires young lifeguards for his bubble pool. Those students have just to be cute and clean. Nothing more to do.

The silk sheets of the Sultan

Sailors' friendship is stronger than swell or tempest

Without guards' complicity, prison boss wouldn't be able to set up his friday party

In fact, I'll waiting for better offer... frankly, my lord, you will never find slaves of such quality in the whole empire... no better butts, no better cocks !