During rainy days, his kittens aren't allowed to play outdoor.

The calendar shoot is always great fun for the whole squad

Some predators like to play with their prey until exhaustion

You lost ! I caught you before you pick up the soap, baby...! Now, the pledge !

Young native guide is also useful during the night.


Forfeit number one : mutual wanking without hands

Perhaps, I could wash more than you feet, poor young man... You seem liking that somebody look after you...

Yes, it is better Pedro ! Come with me in the bedroom and perhaps I will do not fire your wife !

Special ops training : infiltrate the entourage of a gay leader

Nerd's revenge on the football captain

Do not worry, Billy, it is not really a gay act if you imagine my sister in a lesbian wrestling !

A cadet life

Each day, the best guy of the afternoon will earn cigarettes and the right to a phone call

The boys of the cellblock 69 are under the direct protection of the prison director

Lost in the night

Leader of the pack

New shop in town

The bed of the coach is a good place to have an effective massage

You are smart, billy ! As long as you're my bitch, you will avoid prison !

I'm so sorry for this horrible dinner with your parents ! But I love you ! I want to make you a baby tonight !

Slaves' chief is jealous of the newcomer and the interest shown by the master

Officer Jake has a very personal way to discourage dealers to approaching schools

Sometimes, the Ambassador uses young cute interns to calm some angry dictators.