Unexpected awakening with stepbrother


  1. Only at school holiday breaks could Nick find his most satisfying sexual release when he and Martin crept into bed together in their parent's house. Wrapped in blue terrycloth, Nick would slowly enter his older stepbrother's room, having spent his shower time playing with himself, fingering his hole with thoughts of Martin. Nick's moves to stroke his brother's inside thigh always awakened the older teen. Martin had a hard-on pulsing stiffly from the opening in his boxers and a wry grin of anticipation of what was next from his sexy younger brother. They had fucked often in this bed as teenagers, yet each time new feelings of horniness overtook Nick as he again played the game of seducing the studly - supposedly straight - blond teen into unspeakable acts of homosexual incest.

    Martin was always the jock of the family, but he harbored secret desires as most sporty teens did throughout high school. To have his brother perform such cock-throbbing adventures was the height of desire for Martin. Both boys were in it for the sex, though Nick craved cock and played up the fantasy of pretending they were more than stepbrothers.

    They were lovers in Nick's eyes and the pretend game of brothers having cockplay in their first sexual tryst drove him to do anything his older stepbrother desired. And Martin desired much as he pretended to avoid his naked teammates and sought his secret sexual release in his younger stepbrother's attentions. Mornings were their favourite time for escape into homosex. They would kiss, dueling tongues as they felt each other's strength and their arousal fueled the pistoning of their dicks as their tongues slid in erotic pantomime of their naked, full-frontal frotting. Martin had actuallly giggled when Nick described it like that.

    Penis juice oozed from Nick's erection. He fingered the silky hairs as he teased his way up his brother's leg. Martin's cock throbbed with his own small bead of cum forming at the tip where Nick would lick to claim his prize that morning. Martin moaned as Nick grasped his brother's cock. They had to stay quiet. Their fifteen year old brother was next door. The kid had been an ever-lasting presence as the older teens enjoyed fucking and moaning their desires.

    "Fuck me Nick!" It was a calculated risk Martin had shouted one time when the boys were the only ones in the house. Except they were not alone as they realized their younger brother was also in the house. It became an extra turn-on to know they might have been heard having sex, separated by only a wall from the cute younger brother.


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