Boarding house final bill


  1. David had been allowed to have the younger teen share his bed naked that night. There was just one condition for allowing the two young men their intimate privacy this road trip. That next morning, Coach was there to collect. David had shot a load all over the smooth young teen, sharing a spermy kiss just as Coach entered their bedroom.
    It was a turn-on for Coach to catch his assistant shooting his load, loosing all control and moaning and hotting over the team's star pitcher. The white hot evidence of their homosex splattered onto the kid's nipples and his cute sensual face.

  2. All night, Paul had teased his young assistant coach. They had showered together, hard erections alternately finding each other’s butt crack in playful fuck motions. David kept angling for control and dominance, showing young Paul how a firm, lithe tongue up his ass started the flow of pre-cum dripping in long, sticky threads. He was excited to watch the teenager squirm with sexual desire, humping himself against Paul and the slickness of wet, soapy naked skin.

    The young coach and star pitcher wrestled into the bed, making out and enjoying the soft smoothness of cock gliding against cock. If Paul was the pitcher, then Coach Dave should play the catcher. David had toyed with the idea of letting the young one fuck him. First he would prepare the kid.

    David licked and kissed the boy’s sweet, tender dick as he made out with the kid. Coach Dave flirted with the idea of whispering into Paul’s ear about the intimate, hidden camera hooked up to the Coach’s bedroom, watching. The other team members would be jealous. He thought about the team watching as he let the boy take him and fuck him.


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