Dear friends,

My tumblr account was termined for ridiculous reasons. They explained to me that put together a twink (18-30 yo) and a old man (50+) in a drawing is not fair. Whatever all the models are legal and coming from major studio, it can be understand like involving minors. I don't know how a model become minor when a mature man is around. I suppose it's because this is a digital creation and a gay relationship. The world turn hysterical and I'm little tired of this mess. So, goodbye Tumblr. It should be ensure that Yahoo! is no too old for you....


  1. I love your work Theo and glad I found you when your tumblr disappeared. Keep on the fine work.

  2. love your work and we will follow wherever you go, thank you for these works of art that you give us.

  3. As a new fan of your kind of ART I am amazed at some of the silly excuses some sites use to ban some of the most tallented Artists. If you keep up your own style I will keep following you.

  4. Dear Theo,
    I am also a new fan and find your work mesmerizing. I think it is some of the best (if not THEE best) digital homoerotic art in cyberspace. Please do not be discouraged by negative people and small minds. You have a great and very much appreciated talent!

  5. Now I am getting really worried about you. It has been far too long without you and your insights. Are you alright?


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