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Oct 5, 2016

Warm in july

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  1. Dear Theo, this drawing (Warm im July, oct. 2016) of yours is almost 2 years old, but for me it is horny as hell. Such a beautiful and splendid youngster, who probably looks different today... Your works are so rafined and perfect, it almost hurts. A big compliment! As a lot of your admirers I like your always fiting and suitable bodyhair a great deal. As I live in Europe, I'd like to ask you for some more UNcircumsized dicks on your paintings, please. - Do you sell your drawings somewhere, too? Do you invest your enormous talent also in an other, non-gay context (as publicity- posters or so)? Anyway, I look at your work with utmost pleasure and fascination. Thank you very much, Peter



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