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Jun 27, 2016

Ok, next exercise ! Who wants to be the first ?


  1. Damn! They both look so fucking hot!!!

  2. As young lovers since the time they began playing with dick, Billy and Aaron had taught each other how to suck, and then how to fuck. Sexy, bronze and blond, this big-dicked pair were often mistaken for brothers, and that excited their lust and lovemaking as they pretended and role-played as siblings. It had been Aaron's fantasy to have sex in the living room where the next door neighbor could watch through the wide, spacious windows. For months now, Mr. Jenkins had perved the boys as they confidently moved about in their backyard nearly naked. At first, the older man had sexted them with lewd suggestions. He watched from next door as the boys did unspeakable acts for him. But Aaron's games had quickly gotten out of hand. Now the two were performing for Mr. Jenkins as he was playing a much more intimate role in their sex acts. This morning, he was in their bedroom with a toy for the boys to share. And a plan for his own enjoyment of the hunky teenagers.



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