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Feb 18, 2016

Young native guide is also useful during the night.

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  1. Riding in the chopper by day, the vibrations of the flying machine gave the teenager a constant hard-on as he alternated sitting in the laps of each of the military hunks, squirming and thrusting as he felt their stiff pricks poke at his sweet bottom. They cockteased him all day, noticing a wetspot seeping from the teenager’s cock swimming in a fresh, spermy mess of dickjuice within his cum-soaked soft grey cotton bikini briefs. Lecherous grins were exchanged as they traded him back and forth performing these sexual maneuvers in the cockpit.

    Cockpit. It was their code word for sharing Aaron’s sex. And they freely spoke of him around others who paid little attention to excited bursts of banter about entering the cockpit, and about cockpit maneuvers. The words were innocent. The images conjured explicit nakedness and fantasies of the horny teenager humping himself against their cocks. The men had made a vow many years before they would not touch another male, allowing only Aaron to give them pleasure.



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