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Feb 12, 2016

Yes, it is better Pedro ! Come with me in the bedroom and perhaps I will do not fire your wife !

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  1. Pedro had hit rock bottom. Unable to work without the proper papers, his family was utterly dependent on the wife's income. But now her boss, sensing blood in the water, moved in to exploit the situation. He threatened to fire Pedro's wife over some minor infraction. At first, the boss told Pedro if he masturbated nude in front of the boss, her job would be saved. But the boss said then that that wasn't good enough. Pedro would now have to give up his ultra-tight young virgin butthole. The boss led him to his bedroom, and told Pedro to lay on the bed. the boss then took Pedro's sexy long hairy legs, and pulled them way up and back, revealing the macho impossibly small asshole of Pedro, and filling the room with sexy male butthole aroma that escaped from the young man's musky hole. He fingered that hairy impossibly small anus of Pedro for a long time, before the feminine acting boss penetrated Pedro with his well-used white dick. Pedro was so humiliated, but soon learned to cope with the situation by turning his humiliation into a sexual elixir. Pedro actually could pop a wicked, precum-dripping dark boner every time he felt humiliated. This completely changed Pedro's sexual life, and drew him to the boss and further depraved humiliations, which was just what the boss anted to to see happen. Before long, Pedro had taken countless huge cum loads in his newly minted male fuckhole, and started taking massive dildos in all colors and shapes from the boss and his friends. He wasn't home much to see the wife anymore, but the family's financial picture was fine now



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