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Dec 18, 2015

Punishment for the young gamekeeper


  1. William, or "Willie," as he is known to his friends, was in over his head. His father, Chester, had him working for Mr. Chase as the wealthy man's new gamekeeper. Chester was unable to pay off his debt to Mr. Chase, so the man agreed to take his son, Willie, to his estate to provide services instead as the gamekeeper. Willie was not cut out for this type of work, and quickly let the place fall into some chaos. "Just what am I going to do with you,?" the handsome and deboinnaire 46 year old Mr. Chase asked Willie. "Well, if you can't manage the cocks, then show me yours," he demanded. "There is no other service you can provide me....Now get naked, right now, here in front of me," the suited man demanded. "I.don't think...," Willie started. "You'll do're my property now, and get on with it now, boy." Highly embarrassed to strip in front of him in this fashion, and seeming to have descended into the lowest depths of indignity now, he complied, fearing that his father would, otherwise, be tossed into debtor's prison. Willie was a handsome youth, and when Mr. Chase saw his naked, slightly and beautifully hairy young body, he burned with savage lust. He used his rich fingers to fondle Willie's long and shapely penis, downplaying how much he really liked it. "'s ok, it will do," Mr. Chase told him. "Get that chair and stand on it, right in front of me," he said, not wanting to demean himself to stoop over and suck Willie. Mr. Chase thoroughly enjoyed the feel and taste of Willie's penis. "Now turn around and grab the back of that chair," Mr. Chase demanded. "Show me, show me what you know I want to see right this instant," he demanded. The youth spread his cheeks, and an instant metallic aroma from Willie's musky asshole wafted to the man's nose, which caused the man to pop a huge instant boner in his suit pants, and his manly penis head began to twitch very much, and the penis head s slit began opening and closing rapidly, and dripping lots of pre cum. Mr. Chase became wickedly aroused very very fast by the smell, and by the beautiful tight and youthful appearance of Willie's young butthole. "Now, son, spread those boy buns of yours back, ...spread em very far back, so I can get an accurate assessment." Willie complied, feeling ridiculous. Mr. Chase, said, "Um, hum...yes, hum um hum, ...yes, will work,...I suppose." In fact, it was PERFECT! Chase had never seen such a fine specimen boyhole yet in his life. He lost all decorum, and forgot his stature in comparison to Willie, and began to furiously eat the hole, sticking his greedy tongue way in the young anus, and continued for several minutes until his jaw ached. He then called in a servant to help him undress

  2. Mr. Chase had Willie face him again standing on the chair, and sucked him off some more. Then, he told the youth to.put the chair back, and stand and watch his servant disrobe Mr. Chase. As this was happening, Mr. Chase said, "Are you comfortable being around the naked body of an older man, Willie,?" asked the man. Willie noticed the man had a very handsome body, and his mouth went dry, and penis began to throb. "Come here, son. I can see what's happening with you....There's no need to be ashamed, now....Often, young men are repulsed by older men...but I keep myself in shape, Willie. I'm a very disciplined man, and I know what makes young men like yourself tick." He added, "Willie, I know since you have been here, you have missed not having the guidance of an older man in your life...That may be where the trouble is happening, here...Now go ahead, son, and touch my body." Willie said, "Are you sure, Mr. Chase,?" desperately hoping this was not a trap to.get him in trouble again. He ran his hands over the handsome, manly chest. And the big nipples. "Go ahead, suck on those nipples, son...Play with them...twist them...twist them, hard, Willie....harder, son....super hard, there,...more, Willie, pull on them titties, son, pull hard," as he took Willie's hands and yanked his nips real hard. "Twist...twist those fuckers. suck.on them again, son...suck, bite, Willie, bite those man tits! Bite, bite hard...harder son, real hard now! Chew em, Willie..Chew that shit up..Chew on them nipples..Sink your teeth into them, son...Bite those fuckers, both of em....Fuck yeah...fuck, yes, puppy," the man said. All a sudden, he spun around, and bared his ass to Willie, spreading his buttcheeks real far apart, and displaying his nice asshole to the youth. He felt Willie's really nice penis, and started moaning for it. "I need that in me, son. You have a wonderful commodity there, son...Let's do a commodities trade, Willy...I will knock off one fourth of your papa s debt right now, son, if you knock me up with that nice pecker of yours...What you.say, Willie, can we sign on the dotted line,?" Mr. Chase asked. Instead of a shake of the hands, the deal was sealed when Willie's throbbing boner sealed off the man's anus by entering with his penis head, sending Mr. Chase into estacy, and the kind of blissful satisfaction that only a rich man knows when a hard bargain is driven home. The youth s penis.felt wonderful in his asshole, and he used his anus to grab and pump the youth into.releasing gobs of beautiful young cum deep in his innards. Mr. Chase came without touching at the same time, with man cum spraying out in the elegant reception room.



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