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Nov 20, 2015

Room inspection never ends

Well done, boys, but it stills some parts to polish.


  1. The only thing a young man is allowed to say to his superior during room inspe ction is "yes sir." The superior is ALWAYS right, and has full control over your mind and body. My.superior here, as you can see, shamelessly pulls my.body to his, and feels me up and down. He whispers in my ear sweet nothings, and that he likes me better than my roomate here cause im cuter, better educated and clean cut, while my roomate is a redneck. Just look how he dresses, almost nude, in front of the superior at room inspection. He tells me I smell like roses, but that he can smell my roomie s dirty ass. Ut then, he confesses that he wishes I was a bit more dirty, saying his penis responds big time to smelling a boy s asshole. He demands to dirty up my hole a bit, so he can detect my true ass smell. He sends the redneck to the showers after breathing in a huge wiff as the boy passes by. I like his stink, he says, but you I like much better. The officer then messes up my just made.bed, strips me nude. He touches and then sucks me voraciously, puts me stomach down, ass way up, on the bed. He says he is sorry for what he is going to do to me, but that he must penetrate my young ultra tight rectum because his savage lust for me is tearing him up. Well, now he is tearing me up with his manly military dong. He tries to be gentle, apologizing all the time he sodomizes me. You dont know how much I appreciate tbis, he says. You will never have any problems during bootcamp. I owe you big time. Really, he is not that bad an officer, even though he is abusing his power here. He is just really sweet on me, but tries to be sweet with me in the process, if that makes sense to you

  2. You can see in the picture how intimidated the pretty boy is in front. You can also see the other beautiful one next to hhem express jealousy that the superior likes the pretty boy even more. The pretty boy has a cute, but very average size penis at best. The superior s cock is humongous with a spledidly long and voluptuous head. The tall boy wants this penis desperately, in his mouth, and tight asshole, which itches for freaky big cocks like this. From the moment he saw it, his mouth went dry, he felt dizzy, and burned with a savage lust for it. The pretty boy, on the other hand, is very frightened off it. But the superior tells him, "Don't be afraid of it." The boy has to admit it is a stunningly gorgeous piece, but he is deathly afraid of it. The other boy is afraid of it also, but his mouth and hole are lusting tremendously after it. The superior pulls the pretty boys pants and underwear down, spreads his beautiful buns, and finds a super tight virgin hole. His huge penis shudders, the big beautiful penis head twitches a lot, and pre cum is seen by the other boy dripping out of the ultra handsome piece s penis slit. The superior brushes his wet penis head against the pretty boy s anus, and the boy shakes with fear, and puckers his sweet asshole

  3. "Don't be afraid of it, don't be afraid of it," the superior tells the pretty boy, knowing the boy is terrified of the huge beautiful prick, but trying to gain entry into the adorable little guy's puckered asshole. He removes both his and the boy's clothing, pulls him tightly to his naked beautiful sculpted man body, and teases his tight hole by rubbing his achingly hard, throbbing and leaky huge prick inside the boy's crack. "Cmon, buddy, work with me, ok?" he says. "I've got to get in there." The other handsome boy, who has not been chosen first, is told to get the tube of lube out of the superior's jeans pants pocket. "You're going to see a good show," he says to the other boy, who wishes he could "feel" the show instead, as his twitching asshole lusts for the beautiful cock of his superior. "Get him ready," the superior tells the tall boy, at which point that boy applies lube to the younger, smaller youth. He uses quite a bit, and sticks three fingers eventually into his bunkmate's hole to work the lube in, afraid that his buddy will not be able to handle the superior's huge piece of beauty. "Alright, now watch this, so you know what to expect," the superior tells the tall boy. With that, his long and beautifully colored and wet penis head starts entering the smaller one's hole. An audible popping sound emenates from the hole just then. The boy is a champ, struggling and straining to accommodate this eager visitor into his butthole. The boy moans, but doesn't make a scene, determined to show both guys he is a tough guy! They are both surprised and impressed when the last inches of the superior's impressive shaft submerge deep into the boy's anus. It takes a few more minutes for the young inexperienced asshole to settle, before a steady rhythm is maintained. And a few more still before the man can pull out and push back in with any regularity. It is very quiet in the room, only the wonderful sloshing sounds of the superior's massive dick travelling back and forth inside the youth. The boy's penis is very cute, but not hard in front. The superior looks at the older boy, whose dick is rock hard, and leaking, and even dripping an incredible amount of pre cum. That boy's eyes are wide, and mouth agape, almost seeming to have entered a sex trance with so much pleasure! Seeing this, and feeling pleased, the superior feels his penis head start to twitch crazily inside, and he pulls the smaller boy's hair back. He feels the slit on his beautiful penis head opening and closing rapidly, and then, at last, open wide, and explode violently inside the young one, flooding the youth's rectum with his potent seed. When he pulls out, he orders the taller boy to eat the younger one's ass out, and then comfort him.

  4. The tall older boy gently takes the pretty boy to his bed, lays him down softly, and spread s the young boy s cheeks. "Ow, ow," the boy says. The older one apologizes, saying he wants to put comforting cream on the pulsating hole. "That brute," the older boy says. "He has no right to do that to you." The younger one says, "Well, I know you like him. You wanted it instead. I saw how big your penis grew around him." The older said, "Yes, buddy, I like his body a lot, but his harsh personality sucks." The younger said, "Just leave me alone." But he didn't force him to leave his bed, and allowed the older to comfort his little hole a lot, kissing it, and massaging it ever so tenderly with the magical creme, and the younger felt better so fast. "I wish I had an older brother like you," the pretty boy said. The younger slid back into the smooth sexy folds of the older s nice skin, and the older ran his fingers thru the boy s hair. The older s long, lanky penis grew very hard, throbbed and reached straight out to glance the younger hole, still pulsating from the superior s fuck. "Oh, ow, ow!" the boy said. "Don't worry. It is just showing you how much it is happy to meet you. I won't let it enter you." The younger so wished now that his hole would recover soon so this new brotherly penis snake could fill him with love and affection, not roughly like the superior. Instead, the boy turned over and became acquainted with his roomie s beautiful fuckstick, and saw it throbbing and showing off to the younger boy, dancing. The penis head was very handsome, and it's horny slit was very active, opening and closing. "Is this for me?," the younger said, and got the assurance that indeed it was. The pretty boy, knowing he controlled the penis now, teased it, refusing to touch or suck it. The handsome older boy s dick loved the boy, and strained and stretched to reach the boy s mouth, the head twitching and venemous pre cum running over it. The penis begged the boy for relief. But the boy slapped it back and forth real hard, and then watched it suffer for several more excruciating minutes as it tried everything it could think of to win the boy s affection. The boy took it, cruelly, as far as it would go, rejecting the taller boy s penis s many advances. The penis started to retreat, but then the boy suddenly drew his little mouth very close to the very wet and nice head, and blew several warm pretty boy breaths at the head. The penis roared back to life, the head s slit opened and closed rapidly, trying to breath as much of the delicious boy breath into it as humanly possible. The beautiful boy breeze threw the head into crazy convulsions, and it lost all control, which delighted the pretty boy! It then threw up violently all over the bed, and sprayed the handsome boy s cums in many many spasms all over the place. The boy loved that he was able to control his new buddy s penis so thoroughly.



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