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Nov 30, 2015

Pan is one of the most dangerous deities.

This god sodomises older men during their sleep, he knocks up even elderly women, he forces boys and girls to do him blow job, He is Pan !


  1. Yes, Pan is very dangerous, especially if you leave your window open. But he is also very pretty. How many of us secretly like "bad boys," yet we claim to be outraged by Pan. Just look at his beautiful, long, veiny penis. Pan is very slutty, and loves to show off his body. I like to look at his pretty self a lot! Pan also comes in the windows of young fellas his age. They listen to him, because boys like to hang with other handsome young fellas. He knows boys like to be "cool," and tells them only nerds hide their skin from the public s view. He gets them all to take many nude selfies, and short videos showing all their private parts and orifices, and post them on the web. Pan also promotes the boys using any mind altering substances that will remove any sexual prohibitions. And to seduce their friend s dads, using any means and refusing to take no for an answer. And to sexually mess with their male friends during sleepovers, even if their sleeping. And any other males in the house. And Pan tells the boys to dress as slutty as possible every day, displaying their ass cracks, popping boners in the pants, and without shirts on around the clock in summer, and while in the house in winter. They are told that older men burn with savage lust when they see a young fella s skin.

    1. you make me cum so hard.thinking of how these boys are driven to such sexual unspeakable things yet you understandwhat happens when we sleepover and playto wake the sleeping dicks on cute teens.

  2. Pan is especially successful with lonely handsome young fellas with low self esteem, and uncaring or absent parents. Pan s motivation is to work through the boys to get back at the bullies who made life miserable for him in the town, and caused him to take his own life just recently. Pan comes into the window of the boys bedrooms, after the boys forget to heed the warning to close the window. But the boys are desperately lonely, and even outside noise makes them feel better. And now they have made a handsome charming new friend, who promises to make them very popular and happy. Pan encourages them to start acting like little thugs, listen to ghetto rap, and throw wild all male orgies in their homes while mom and dad are visiting the local crack den. At these parties, masks are worn and the boys cant be certain who is sucking and fucking whom. Old perverts often sneak in under disguise, and ravish the inebriated boys unaware. This all delights Pan to see his old enemies having to take old crusty penises in them, many of which are from local lawyers, politicians and the whos who of the town. The boys are often very sore the next day, and come home late and drunk, and ate grounded by the parents

  3. As these orgies continue, the smell of sex and male ass and penis breath is overwhelming, and windows are opened, which of course lets the evil entity in. Pan knows all this will happen ahead of time, and they fall right in his trap. The sight of young handsome male flesh on these nights seduce the towns older men like crazy, and everyone pays too price to get in the door.

  4. After Pan flew in, the orgy, already loud and chaotic, really moved to another decibel, heating up in a toxic brew of wild oral and anal sex! Boys and men pounced on each other with wild abandon, like raging demons. The police were eventually called in to break it up, and many boys were cited for underage drinking, and boys and men for public nuisancy. Many boys were in big trouble. This really pleased Pan a lot! The boy at the house thought he would be in big trouble, but Pan flew to the crack house, placing the parents under a hypnotic 72 hour extended ceack haze, so they could clean up the house

  5. Pan and his best new friend, Mike, are hanging out in Mike s room. Pan is nude, as usual, loving the nudist community, and only wearing clothing when necessary. Mike is growing suspicions of Pan, saying he never saw him hook up at the orgy. Sure I did, says Pan. Didn t you see me with Dalton. I did him every way but Sunday. Dalton was the hot quarterback of the local high school. He had tormented. Pan at the school laat year, but dididn't recognize him now, as Pan can change form and look as needed. And actually, Pan had not had sex with Dalton at the orgy, blueballing the hot redhead after teasing him. "Fuckin stuck up bitch," a furious Dalton yelped at Pan then. In truth, Pan was asexual now, having long lost the ability to be aroused in the normal human fashion. Now, Pan could only get erect and maintain a stiff penis in sstressful situations. He could not explain this to Mike, but sure enough Pan was worried now that Mike waa suspicious, and his beautiful long veiny penis stretched out and throbbed b4 his friend. Mike told Pan that all his features were pretty, even his feet. Pan almost blushed hearing this, which would have been the only human emotions for.him in a long time. Mike asked if it would be ok to touch Pan s penis. Pan said sure, but worried that Mike would be rough.and low down with it like all the others. Instead, Mike gentle, caressing and playing ever so respe tfully and sweet with Pan s handsome schlong. Admiring its shape, texture, and beauty for a long time. Mike was so into Pan that he came in his tighty whiteys almost immediately. Pan thought now that Mike got his rocks off, that would be it. But amazingly, Mike brought his cute face over to kiss Pan passionately, but nicely. This caught Pan off guard again, and Pan thought he might actually be falling for Mike. But he could not think of that now. For now, he had to.continue seeking revenge on the town that betrayed him.



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