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Dec 7, 2017

A young virgin ass for the Prince of Knossos

Simply put, your interests are better served by getting an offer on the table before you start negotiating your salary.

Two bellboys, one customer

Sap rising in paradise island

A short novel by anonymous.

Justin pulled the young, freckled-faced Danny closer-in to calm his best buddy’s younger brother, who was now was both upset and very horny. He tried to focus the kid on the awesome reaction from Danny’s little friend Billy, who knelt between the boys coaxing another glob of pre-cum while a steady flow rolled teasingly from all three teenage boys’ dicks. Justin had counted on Billy to stimulate Danny’s sexual feelings on this island trip for the “Naked Holiday” he had fantasized being alone with the two younger boys. Justin had suspected Billy and Danny played with each other all during the semester, being roomies and the opportunities to prance about each morning showing off their bodies with teasing views of their stiff cocks. Justin wanted to watch the boys’ sexplay. Getting them alone with him had driven his plans to see them explore their budding expressions of homosexual lust. They probably only jacked off next to each other, and had so much more to experience with Justin’s encouragement. 

Danny was sorting-out his feelings of idolizing sexy Justin, his older brother’s best friend, and his recent attraction to his “cutie roomie” as he referred to Billy during the playful sex talk that fueled their mutual masturbation. Getting his fingers around Billy’s eager cock was about as far as they had advanced this early in the school semester. Danny was impressed that his brother’s best friend had chosen him for the trip, and excited that Billy was also invited. The two boys had included the island trip and the nude beaches in their jack-off talk, but they had been interrupted too often lately at the dorm and hadn’t shared an orgasm in more than a week. 

Now at one of the secluded nude beaches, Justin had noticed their dicks clubbing up and lured the teens with him away from the crowd. Danny got an immediate full-on errection as Justin brushed against his smooth inner thigh and winked at Danny’s would-be lover, the ever-sexually curious Billy. Cocks throbbed and the boys made tentative touches as their sexual feelings washed among the horny teenaged boys. As penis juice flowed from the boys in hot sexy gobs, Billy knelt and tasted the oldest boy’s thick nectar as Danny’s dick smeared a love offering to mingle with Justin’s juices. Danny was trying to hold back, embarrassed at his loss of sexual composure, and amazed at his “cutie roomie” tasting the leaking cum that was mixed with sperm from the dick of his brother’s best friend. As Justin’s lips grazed his ear to share an intimate secret, Danny’s dick quivered as the gentle whisper triggered a delicious feeling, realizing that his building sexual climax would reveal his desires and most private enjoyment of being attracted only to other boys.

Ok boys, this is the last step of the procedure before closing the case

Two big cardinals make an inspection in the school

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