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Nov 30, 2017

A gay AI takes the control of the starship and every young man must be scanned

Anonymous has left a short novel around this artwork.

Jason resented the intrusive search. He also felt unsettled about the compulsory requirement to strip naked in front of the one guy onboard the starship he had a serious crush on since the Academy where they had shared a room (and a bed). Jack’s bad-boy looks and probing tongue were attributes that made Jason’s young sex life exciting. Sucking and fucking in the private showers had satisfied their morning hornies, even though Jack was “less into it” than Jason whose level of lust made Jack’s straight-boy demeanor melt when they cuddled in bed, playing with each other and gently kissing. Sometimes Jack lost control and would slip his tongue past Jason’s sweet lips as the two teenagers aggressively tongue-battled until Jason swooned and begged to be fucked by his big dicked studly roomie. 

Now, fresh out of the Academy, their onboard sex was more guarded without the privacy that allowed them to experiment with their intense orgasms. For Jack, acting-out his hidden homosexuality through Jason’s gayboy feelings was a safe way to explore his own kinky side of mutually masturbating while each described a fantasy about one of the underclassmen. Not surprisingly, Jack’s secret masturbatory desires about the younger male cadets came out uninhibited during these naked times alone with Jason, the one boy he could trust to understand and to thrill with forbidden thoughts. 

Those forbidden thoughts were now invading the ship’s onboard systems, selectively placing the all-male crew into compromising circumstances. Jason thought it was too coincidental that Jack had been ordered to lead the shipwide strip search. Teams had been sent to each crew quarters, but Jack had come to Jason alone and with a determined lustful expression as he ordered his teenaged fuck buddy get naked for him. Perhaps it was his imagination, but Jason felt something was watching them both in the seclusion of his room. Yes, something was probing them. His dick twitched and began to rise and stiffen, thinkng how Jack had secretly loved Jason to tongue-probe the straight-boy’s hungry virgin hole. That was Jack’s only gay desire he admitted. Jason looked at Jack and saw a knowing look. Jack was behind the sexual turmoil caused by ship systems creating the opportunity for the crew to risk acting on their homosexual fantasies. While the naked young men throughout the ship paired-off together or jacked-off alone, Jack would savor Jason’s cock and balls. And for the first time in a long time, both young men would make their love-making heard loudly enough to excite the others to cum.

Nov 29, 2017

Discovering wildlife

Text from anonymous

Martin was tall for his age. A good Scout. A curious, well, very sexually curious lad. At this moment at his faraway, secret camp in the woods, his curiosity was about to be well-satisfied. His eyes glazed-over as he felt the entry of the warm, hard-but-yet silky smooth motion of the handsome blonde stud who was about to dick him. His mouth dropped open as the full throbbing head of the older boy nudged deeper into him, strafing his joybutton as the shaft slid all the way until Martin felt complete penetration and the soft pubic hairs of his lover cushion against his young buttcheeks. They were going to fuck. The hot kid Martin had been lusting over as he perved him for days now had his sexy prick up inside him making him feel as if he was a sensuous extension of this straight boy’s hidden desires. Once they were back at the main campsite — after his secret lover had pleasured him, and deeply and passionately kissed Martin while he masturbated and assured him they would be always be fuck buddies — he would steal moments of eye contact as the boys sat at the campfire. Martin and his boyfriend would pal-around like the other scouts. His stud would brag about girls to impress the other boys, but at that moment back at the campfire, Martin carried the stud’s warm cum inside with him as he watched and planned their next camping spot.

An other cute young man was found naked at the top of Olympus Mount

A smart counterpart for the crowfunding skatepark project

Nov 28, 2017

Sorry Mister, I don't know where is Tadzio... but I'm also a very skilled guide....

He's intrigued by this young stepbrother who shares now the bedroom

Text by anonymous

Michael’s place as the older son went unchallenged in the family, even with the new room-sharing arrangement with his younger stepbrother. The kid was more than just respectful of Michael. In fact, Bobby was fantasizing about his hunky new big brother. The lithe, muscular movements as the college man undressed for bed drove the horny high schooler into dick-throbbing daydreams. What would it feel like to privately enjoy him in the shower each morning and feel their slick nakedness act out hidden sexual desires?

Bobby’s thoughts entertained him as he felt his penis pulse with imagined shower sex, hot and satisfying. His older sexy brother running his lips across his neck as the stubble from his beard scraped gently at tender skin to mark the boy as his true lover. 

Michael had of course noticed Bobby’s nervous glances away and then back to him as he casually displayed his cock for the kid’s pleasure, This morning, the secret little game had raised the sexual tension between the brothers. And so as Michael stripped for his shower, he came back into the room to catch the cute teenager playing with himself. Michael aggressively jerked the covers back to expose his younger brother’s dick, oozing pre-cum as the kid fingered the tip, spreading the slickness to the sensitive underside. 

Michael’s masculine sensuality, his confidence and male dominance overwhelmed the younger brother as he breathed-in the dizzying pubic scent from the well-developed dick and balls he longed to kiss and lick. Bobby had frozen in his sex play, fearing he would embarrass himsel further by writhing in an uncontrollable orgasm as he whined his teenaged lust just for his brother. That kinky sexual thought of making a private show for his brother sent a small gasp from his sensual lips, inviting Michael to lean in closer, and the boy to look into his eyes just as he moaned Michael’s name and erupted hot cum in a powerful satisfying spurt that fired onto the erect nipple of the family’s first-born. 

The brothers held each other’s gaze as the juicy droplet rolled from Michael’s hard nipple. “Lick me,” he commanded, just as their father opened their bedroom door and the spermy smell aroused more hidden primal memories.

Nov 5, 2017

Prior servicing the commander, a perfect stand at attention is necessary

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post 

Once out to sea, away from the meddling moral standards, and prying eyes of others, the commander could conduct his inspection of the young crewmen, delighting in feeling-up the newest of the teenaged boys, beginning with Hans.The young man had been discovered in the cargo hold, stripped to his skimpy briefs, playing with the dick of one of the cabin boys.The early morning watch crew reported the delicious details of the boys moaning as their tongues slithered in French kissing with the cabin boy completely nude while in the lap of young Hans. The commander suspected the discovered homosexual seduction of the young crewman was intended to mark the celebration of the all-male sexual voyage and initiate young Hans to the pleasures of mutual male orgasm. But the interruption of the naked male tryst had caught the young teens before they could enjoy their sexual climax. Hans had been left with his fingers coated in the cabin boy’s slick pre-cum.
As he fingered the kid’s erection, the commander considered the impure thought that both teens were still cocked and ready to blow their loads. “Bring the cabin boy to me,” he told the watch crew as he saw Han’s eyes blink wide in shock. A small spot of spermy wetness appeared in the teen boy’s panties just at the tip of the rock-hard cock. He would have both young seamen kissing with his naked penis shared between them. Young seamen were aptly named, he mused in thinking of the hot sticky semen churning in their tight young balls and shooting from their lovely sexy dicks.

Nov 2, 2017

This is your last chance

A flash story by Michael Ampersant from

I am bringing you the gift of piety, Son, and this is your last chance. You will by now have realized that our most -revered Abbot was not amused when he offered you his gift of attachment during our little get- together in the hallowed cellars of this historic monastery, and you -after all that we have done for your- refused again and again the expression of his love and fled to your cell to renew the sinful practice of the solitary vice, or, like you disgracefully called it, "beat your own bishop to the excess". Your wandering in error, my son, was what brought us to transfer you to the abbot’s bedchamber, here, where the genius loci, we prayed, would then finally let you open your heart and let him in. But you stubbornly persisted in your refusal of the abbot’s bishop, and made the feeble excuse -the worn-out excuse of many a young man visiting our monastery- that your creaturely aperture would be too tight to accommodate the Abbot’s gift of arousal, which -the whole monastery could not agree more- is indeed true wonder of rectitude and size.

Well, this is your last chance, then, young man. We take you by your word, and present you with this gift of piety, which I hold in my hands. It is a gift of the holy spirit, 40 centimeters tall and 20 centimeters in girth, fashioned and carved to instill a profound reverence for the Almighty God and his lawful representatives on earth. At first sight, the gift might also instill a sense of horror, on first sight, but once contact has been made, and intimacy has developed, the gift arouses in the soul -and elsewhere- a vibrant sense of adoration, a sorrow for sin, and a craving to suffer more so as to be blessed later when the Abbot’s own gift of arousal will enter your soul and other parts of your body. So, open yourself to this gift, which you do not receive in a spirit of slavery leading you back into fear, but in a spirit of joyful dominance and grateful submission. Have I made myself clear ?
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