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Apr 17, 2017

Always suspect

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  1. The young campus cop had found them nearly naked, making out in the car parked on the edge of the coliseum lot. He had been patrolling only a few months, but had already found where he could hunt for cute, horny boys. He watched these two for a few minutes as Jake freed his big thick cock from his jeans so Adam could slather his tongue and lips over the blond jock's throbbing member. The team captain had been desperate for dick, and he was jacking off a lot with the image of one kid in particular.

    His name was Ben. Ben was the kid he dared not perv as the other teens showered with him in the locker room. It was all Jake could do to not hot all over the team’s center whenever he slid his hands around Ben’s sweet ass during practice. Ben had to be in on what was going on inside the JV quarterback’s head. To tell the truth, Ben got off on the teasing touches Jake did when he faked a snap and cupped his hands around his buddy’s balls, fingertips giving a slight scratch to Ben’s ballsac.

    It was thrilling for Ben to feel the intimacy of the moment no other guy on the team had any idea was happening between him and Jake. They would lock eyes together in the showers, Jake sensing a ping that threatened to reveal his hidden homo side with an erection in the shower. One time, in the equipment cages, dressed only in jockstraps, Jake and Ben slid past each other, accidentally-on-purpose rubbing dick to dick, their faces close enough for a kiss as they locked eyes the first time. At home, in the privacy of their bedrooms and shower, each young man masturbated obscene, unspeakable dirty thoughts without knowing the other’s desires. Jake always shot his load the moment his fingernails lightly scratched his balls. He absently thought of Ben doing the same.

    Jake thought of Ben as he pretended the boy in his backseat giving head was Ben, his jackoff fantasy boy. For tonight, in the light of the parking lot, Jake had settled on Adam from his science class as the only other boy bi-curious to him. The understanding was his team would never know about the services Adam was to render the studly teen.

    The two kissed, Jake tasting his own cock on the tongue of the boy who had just swirled spit and pre-cum all over his dick. It was hot to watch as the young cop fingered his knob, as the jock was close to cumming. He had plans to see the couple take their desires almost to orgasm before he moved in on them.

    If he timed it right, he’d pop his flashlight onto the boys and watch their shocked faces as they battled with their pending orgasm as the jock threw his head back while Adam jacked his own dick, not believing he was deep-throating the most popular boy on campus. And he was making the guy moan for it, too. It didn’t bother him to hear Jake breathe the name, “Ben — “ as Adam felt the thickness of Jake’s penis swell between his lips….and a bright light flood the car’s interior.



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