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Mar 11, 2017

Wall street interns learn very soon to suck dicks


  1. How nice to be the center of attention. One person hold my balls, another lick the soft spot on my penis and the third looking intently at the semen gushing out.

  2. Teddy's father had arranged for dividend payments on the account, but stipulated the lonesome teenager must collect in-person from James, the young broker-assistant. That James was his father's secret lover was unknown to Teddy, though the son had always sensed a sexual tension when he was alone with the 21-year old Wall Street wiz-kid. This afternoon, James had summoned the firm's younger interns from the mail room. He had Willie stroking the kid's balls while Paul, the other intern, stripped and James guided the boy to Teddy's stiff cock. James was intent in his supervision of this private account, coaxing Paul in pleasuring the son of his older lover and benefactor. It was the old man's kinky desire to have his own son seduced at the direction of the young man he had bedded within one of the hidden rooms of the Blaze Mansion while Teddy had slept down the hallway, unaware his father, Ted Senior, was fucking the young account assistant who was just about Teddy's age.

    James leaned in closely to watch as young Paul lapped at the soft underside of the naked boy's penis. This was every much the sexually erotic male orgy he was promised. James had seduced Teddy into feeling him up, reveling in the sensual thought of the father and now the young son having rubbed his crotch. The open fly betrayed James' horny feeliings with spots of semen soaking his underwear. Willie was leaking copious amounts of cum watching his boyfriend Paul suck the rich kid.

    Teddy felt James rub young Paul's throat where it bulged from the dick swallowed by the talented cock-sucking intern. Teddy yelped a despirate cry as he climaxed, and Willie felt the kid's balls quiver, shooting hot spurts everywhere. Into Willie's waiting mouth. Onto Paul's pretty face as Paul himself began to shoot a load from jacking off. James felt his cock spassm with a dollop of pre-cum. If he left the office now, he could still present the old man a glob of fresh, warm cum to savor, his reward from causing the kinky sex arrangement with the son.



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