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Feb 25, 2017

Sleep does not come easily when the spring is coming


  1. Your art is amazing and imaginative- I would love to see your interpretation of spanking/punishment scenes

  2. His dream both pleasures and tortures Jimmy with his classmates naked, hard and shooting cum everywhere. Clear and starkly real enough to experience as if he was a part of the boy sex orgy, Jimmy's wet dreams always had him soaked in hot sperm and sweating in his pajamas. He wanted the dream to take him into the closeness of each naked boy jacking and fucking before him. Instead, he was only to watch as every boy he fantasized was lost in homosexual lust and having an orgasm. He tried to will his dream into having one of the boys make out with him, to feel him up as their tongues danced slickly and deliciously to arouse each other in the ways that Jimmy longed for with his handsome classmates.

    He was leaking his dream and certainly he would wake again to the stiff errection that pulsed his hot, sticky penis juice into a pool of hot boy pleasure. But he could see himself in the dream, again only watching from his bed in a corner of the room. Alec was the only other boy clothed but he had his pants open and was eyeing closely the two younger teens nearest him masturbating onto each other's smooth flat stomachs. Maybe Alec would beckon for him from across the room, wanting him to share their mutual passion for naked boys.

    Jimmy's cock twitched and another warm, spermy wave of pleasure flowed from his smooth, hairless balls. He felt the irresistible slickness surround his dickhead as he thrust his teenaged erection forward. He was on the verge of having a spontaneous orgasm from the sexual vision of these forbidden male sex acts. Would this be another wet dream he would awake from, still a virgin, even in his dream? The wetness and hot sensuality engulfed him and he awoke, ejaculating powerfully - and watching as Alec performed fellatio, swallowing Jimmy's dick as cum spilled from the corners of his lips before Alec could drink it all. Sweet sperm. Alec smiled and winked as he looked up at his friend. They shared a spermy French kiss. The sleep-over and nocturnal cock-sucking had deepened the boys' feelings for each other. Alec now carried Jimmy's fresh cum inside his belly. Jimmy smeared his his love juice over their lips, breathing a satisfied sigh as he reached for his boyfriend's horny cock. Alec moaned as he felt Jimmy's smooth delicate fingers grip him to measure the strength of his hardness. With Jimmy's sensual squeeze on his erect penis, Alec throbbed, cried out and unloaded as he climaxed in his young lover's hand.



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