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Jan 6, 2017

The untold stories of the boarding school

Only words are not exchanged.

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  1. The teaching assistant reveled in the excitement of watching the older teen going down on the new boy. Gustav was a sweet sexy smolderingly hot youth, instantly popular at the all-male academy. While the kid was getting sucked, they locked eyes. Gustav had collected some of his pre-cum, tentatively bringing the sweet sperm purposely to his lips as he licked his lips while being sucked. Jason thought he would cum in his pants, which would make too much a mess before he would have to appear next hour in front of this class of boys.

    How erotic it was to be watching the naked forbidden sexual male ritual. Knowing that he would be standing in front of these same boys to lecture them with a hard-on stiff in his pants. Pants that already held his erection swimming in slick, warm pre-cum. The other boys had already sampled the smoothness as they humped, nakedly clutching the boy as they kissed, licked and sucked. He noticed a mix of soap and sperm on the buttcheek of Sam, the twin brother of the teen now pleasuring Gustav. Twins. Jason allowed his fantasy to return as his mind wandered to thoughts of homosexual incest between the identical teens. They had both cum while each kissing Gustav, driving their cocks on either side of the boy and slightly sharing a kiss while they knelt with the boy's dick running between their lips as they licked and sucked the strong young penis of this new boy. Perhaps their tongues grazing against each other was an accident while sharing the boy's rod between them, but they had each moaned loudly.

    Gustav seductively licked his lips as he kept his eyes locked on his teacher's assistant. Jason had not been prepared by his teaching college to accept the free-flowing sexuality of teenaged young men, nor the free-flow of cum that he had witnessed in this unashamed voyeurism of his own students. Yet Jason had loved the freedom to perv the younger, innocent boys. The droplets of water rolled off Gustav's nipples, down the flat smooth stomach and onto the neatly trimmed pubic bush, and then finally onto the twin as he nuzzled the boy's crotch. Gustav was mouthing words to Jason.' It wasn't a question - it was a statement of sexual certainty from the young teenager. And it seemed that the boy could indeed cum at any moment as he panted and rolled his eyes while the twin repeatedly swallowed the boy, drinking the water that collected on Gustav's hard cock. Suddenly, as Jason stared into Gustav's eyes, they both came together. Gustav made a deep masculine moan as he bucked his hips and fed his cum to the twin while Jason felt cum spool out into his pants, soaking them in hot, messy sperm. Now the bell rang for class. Jason was fucked.



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