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Jan 3, 2017

The nerd revenge after a cruel hazing


  1. Joey was quietly enjoying his revenge for the cruel trick embarrassing him in front of the the other boys in the locker room. He had really thought that Marc, the handsome swimteam captain, was going to kiss him after luring him to the towel storage room. Instead, in the last moment, the hot jock pulled back and flashed a camera phone pic of Joey's disappointed, surprised look while the other teammates watched from around the corner, snapping their own pics. But now, just weeks later, Joey had the pleasure of having Marc spread and tied, nearly nude, and playing in Joey's own private video. Well, not so private, since Marc's intimate reactions were being shared by recording.

    For more than an hour, the sexual torture had stepped through many compromising images, beginning with one where Joey actually got his kiss. Marc was sedated for the first few scenes, appearing to enjoy with his eyes closed as Joey made whimpering noises and sighs as if Marc was getting off on the kinky sexplay. After an hour, Marc had been kissed, stroked and edged near orgasm.. The pair of girl's panties slipped onto Marc had now soaked completely with hot pre-cum. The pre-ejaculate seemed to confirm some kind of secret desire was being enjoyed at the expert fingering of the nerd.

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