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Dec 27, 2016

Compensation from the offender

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  1. To say that Mr. Daemon took great pleasure in his work with the youth program would only lightly touch the surface, in the same manner he lightly tickled the dicks of young men such as Nathan. He had tried to avoid their advances, their blatant display of nudity, and their pleading looks as they spread wide their long legs and smooth shaven crotches for him. His morning visits to their bedrooms built anticipation among the boys as they heard Mr D masturbate each lad to orgasm. Some would make extra noise as their climax approached, just to signal the sexual enjoyment that awaited the next horny teenager. They were in good hands. Nice strong experienced hands whose rough skin but gentle touch relieved their sexual frustrations.

    Often the boys either had a roommate or a special guest to share with Mr D. He encouraged their feelings. Even making them so at ease they would play with each other's prick. He would get them to kiss passionately as he watched their inhibitions about homosexual acts replaced with deep affection. Under the guise of a playing game, he would have the couples follow his narration as read from hot gay romance novels, or from his improvised comments to give a sexual twist to innocent stories about Boy Scout camping, hero-worship, and teenaged crushes boys often developed for the older boys.

    Nathan, though, always preferred Mr D's total attention, and saved his load, for days listening to the moaning from the other rooms before he asked him into his bedroom. There, Nathan would hear special stories whispered closely as Mr D nuzzled against the kid's ear, the hot breath of the virile man driving him wild. Mr D stroked the sexy teen, making the boy cum a huge, pent-up sticky load into his hand before Nathan sighed a satisfied smile.



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