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Nov 13, 2016

Wow ! You have drugged our handsome team's captain ! Thank you so much ! It is my best birthday gift i've never had !

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  1. Danny pulled on the foreskin of the older boy, as 18 year old Frankie pulled excitedly on their team captain's jeans, alternating between stripping his hero and making himself naked for Joey. Whatever Danny had done for Frankie this special day, he would owe him. He had many times jacked off to the fantasy he created in his mind, "Team Captain." Frankie was willing to share the sex with Danny; there would be so much he had planned: french-kissing, rubbing dick to dick, and Danny and he licking the sexy young man's cock. Frankie would run his tongue along the underside, meeting Danny in a dick kiss at the throbbing head of the team captain's penis. They would share the teen's pre-cum as globs of jism rolled between their lips and their captain's oozing knob. Frankie didn't want to cum yet, but his own meaty cock was leaking,too.

    Joey had tried to not noticeably favor the boys on his team that he was attracted to in the showers. But Frankie and Danny had found him out, and exploited his weakness for the young male form. He was not concerned now, only vaguely aware of the hot action he was involved in with his two teammates. Danny's touches felt interesting, but he had to look away from Frankie or become too horny for the younger boy. Joey wouldn't admit that Frankie was cute, but seeing the kid's dick and balls and sexy little butt in the showers made his dick twitch. Maybe this would be his first time with the boys, teaching him what his feelings meant. He glanced again at Frankie: the boy's face, his broad shoulders, his cock. Yes, Joey liked Frankie's cock. Would the younger boy let him suck his cock? Joey was thinking new thoughts that excited him.

    Danny masturbated Joey, knowing just how to slide the covering and retract it, even though Joey remembered neither boy would know how from personal experience...unless they had manhandled some of the few teens in school with similar cocks. Joey had heard whispers of this happening. It turned him on, if he was truthful with himself. His cock was hard from another boy's touch. And his dreamy crush on Frankie was going to get him fucked. If the younger boy was Joey's first buttfucking, he knew it would be Frankie's first time, also. Maybe...



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