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Nov 15, 2016

We are in 1914. The war is coming. It's the time of a cruel farewell between two college buddies.

We have not any rights to be in love together. We have just the right to be killed for our country. But, never forget : I love you. Not for what your are... but for what I am when I am with you...

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    Jake felt the sensation as he thought again of Tony's first kiss as they innocently wrestled that warm summer afternoon, thinking they were alone, but being discovered by Jake's uncle, who watched from his cabin, observing the young men whistfully, their desires reeling out before him as he saw the boys writhe in sensual pleasure. He had allowed them privacy, encouraged their sleepovers at his cabin, and listened in the late night to their fucking noises and mornings to their sucking and kissing. Their moans drove the uncle crazy with lust.

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    This afternoon, together again at their lovers' nest in the soft grass, the couple masturbated the underside of their penises together, edging their way to a mutual climax driven by a love closer than brothers.



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