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Nov 12, 2016

Warm shower in the vintage boarding school


  1. Alejandro - he preferred Alex as his special nickname to intimates - was devoted to Sam, as all at school could plainly know. Sam was only slowly becoming aware of Alex having desires deep in his devotion to him. Their closeness was becoming commonly discussed in hushed circles. Many boys were jealous, and assumed sexual perversions between the two classmates occured regularly when the two were alone.

    In his dreams, Alex would be in the showers with Sam, an erection forming as Sam, in his innocence, would look at him curiously. Lifting his would-be lover in his arms, his wetdream allowed him to feel Sam's smooth nakedness and their arms around each other. His dream repeated many times, with Alex able to nakedly carry his prize farther each time. Some occasions, Alex dreamed of carrying naked Sam out of the showers, across the campus lawns and into their bed togther. Lately, though, Sam was having the same dream, lifted by Alex in the showers and ending with his legs wrapped around Alex in a standing fuck, impaled on the strong young man's steely rod.



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