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Nov 11, 2016

Wanking wrestling team must be done before any crucial meeting

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  1. From Ancient times when young men wrestled naked in Greece, hard cock to butt crack contact was always temptation. The unspoken need to "top them off" was intended to ease these sexual distractions. That must be what happens within the closeness of the JV wrestling team at his school. Someone must be assigned to service the young jocks. Here would be the assistant coach with the trainer as the kid was milked of his hot juices. Surely that was what could happen. He could imagine such a lewd wanton action, all for the need of the team and the benefit of the young man and the excitement of coach and trainer.

    Watching the matches and perving the cutest team members, his sexual imaginations would run wild. Any excuse to experience the intimacy of lean, sexy young men and their sexual secrets sent him on his queer quest. He told himself that collecting these images was just part of his school assignment, but the illustrations made him hard and excited. Theo's creations fed his fantasies and it made him hard. The look of arousal on the kid's face drew him in as his pleasure peaked. Was that real cum splattered in the image? The expert manipulation of the kid's cock with the masculine touch of the assistant coach. The huge errection from the trainer next to him, was that his cum or more of the kid's explosive ejaculation? He looked closer into the sexual scene, until he was part of it. It made him witness to the forbidden desires he shared with no one. Except Theo.



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