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Nov 23, 2016

The wrestling ends in bed

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  1. Coach didn't approve, but for his two star athletes, he could let them indulge in their private time together during road trips. It was the only way to keep these young studs satisfied and not popping hard-ons every time they were in a match and humping their opponents. It would be embarrasing when the referee broke the holds and reset the match while the boys' erections showed their interest. The public display was a turn-on, yet they wanted kinky sex, and the team's towel boy was always horny for them.

    On these out of town road trips, the teenager could be heard from next door where Coach listened as the kid would be riding Jimmy's monster cock. The kid had a dick on him, too. A big horny, throbbing dick that leaked like a faucet. With the towel boy's smooth legs wrapped around Jimmy's waist, Jeremy pressed himself into the kid while his teammate carried the team's towel boy in a standing fuck.

    The boys' pantings and moans blended with the kid's high squeal but with the entire team rooming on the same floor, Coach never received complaints from the hotel managers. Their other teammates sought Coach's favor to be assigned to the adjacent rooms. It always surprised Coach at the shy requests and discreet inquiries on room assignments made by the teenagers who had pretended they were straight, but would invite their buddy to stay the night, listening as their teammates next door spent their passions. Coach toyed with thoughts of matching some boys he preferred to be together, as he began to fantasize. There were interesting combinations of handsome young men on the team he had not considered before...



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