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Nov 17, 2016

Since he is on charge of the beach security, none of surfer boys were hurt.

Of course, some stupid bimbos, crazy cheerleaders, and their fat silly mothers, were eaten alive by wild sharks... but zero risk does not exist...


  1. I'd love to be rescued by him! We could start with mouth-to-mouth then grind slippery cocks together before 69ing!

  2. He squinted against the brilliant sun, watching closely the two teenagers just barely younger than him as they gingerly applied lotion onto each others' backs. As lifeguard, Davey was to be watching the swimmers, but it was early and with no one in the surf, the two slim, sexy dudes were worth watching. His cock sprang out along the leg of his shorts as he adjusted his pose to hide it on the inside of his hairy thigh. Guys seemed to like his hairy legs that contrasted with his smooth, almost hairless chest and slight treasure trail that led from his flat tummy to his throbbing cock. These two had been casually watching Davey this morning. He knew they liked what they saw.

    As they spread their lotion, one stole a look to see if Davey was still perving them, and slid up closer to press his crotch against his buddy's butt as they sat on the sand. The kid moved his hands from the sides and back now to wrap his arms around his friend; one set of fingers on the right hand crossing the sexy teen chest to tweak the left nipple, the left hand reaching across to squeeze his buddy's right nipple. Davey saw the friend throw his head back and gasp as the boy at his behind leaned in to gently kiss his buddy's neck.

    Davey's cock lurched. For a moment, he thought he might cum, but there was no pre-cum as he glanced at his dickhead. However, the wet stain on the hem of the other leg of his shorts was noticeable if you were close enough to lick it off, and Davey fantasised about both teens feasting on his cock at once, if he got them into the lifeguard shack for a little while.

    It was Davey's turn to gasp as he saw the boy humping his friend's butt as he rubbed lotion lower, to places Davey would pleasure in private with the boys. What delights do these boys have together? His thoughts drifted with the gentle breeze to remember other boys on the beach that summer...

  3. ...some of Davey’s beach boys would become very close, especially the kids who hero-worshiped the teenaged lifeguard, developing a crush they were almost unaware of, except for the tingling in their excitable dicks they could not admit nor explain. Except that there were several boys who wanted him. Dreamed of being close to Davey. Naked with Davey. Being rescued and mouthed by Davey. Grinding hard slippery cocks and then lost in a mutual 69-session with their young hero. Gallons of teenboy cum must have been spilt and shot at nights alone as hard sizzling sperm, the desperate images of Davey seared through the minds of many confused straight boys that summer.

    Cute, bikini-clad young dudes rubbed their hot dicks against him in the tight confines of the lifeguard shack. Lightly they would touch his hairy legs as some of the braver ones ran fingers up his thighs, inside the leg of his shorts, with faint pleading looks and labored breaths. Davey knew the score. Their hard-ons peaking up, forced way past their waistbands, some nearly bumping against their belly buttons. Always, thin, clear tale-tell strings of pre-cum clung from the gaping pissholes and engorged dickheads.

    Some he would tease, smirking to himself that they would be masturbating over him, or satisfying themselves with the tenderness of other young men exploring their sexuality. Their homosexuality. Davey got off on the attention. Often, he jacked off into the mouth of boys who begged to suck him. They would swallow his cum as they lapped every drop from his spasming cock. Davey liked the thought of that hot sperm carried inside a kid he would see later on the beach, tossing frisbees at play. His friends not knowing he had the lifeguard’s cum for lunch.

    One kid he thought of every time he blew his whistle...

  4. ...Davey fingered the short cord of his lifeguard whistle. As it hung limply between his thumb and forefinger, he discreetly felt the stiff crusty inside and the cum that had dried with the soaking climax from one of his kinkiest memories. He thought back to earlier that summer and that kid who had hung around, interested in lifeguarding and very interested in Davey. And Davey couldn't help but show interest in the teen, who reminded him of his younger brother.

    Everything interested the kid, from the lifeguard equipment, his thin nylon shorts, even the whistle. Davey wore nothing beneath the red silky shorts, and enjoyed seeing the teenaged guys who checked him out and lingered their gaze on the outline of his dick. This kid, Jamie, had been stretched out in the sand when Davey first walked up to him, standing so that the blazing sun was shining through and clearly revealing his ample balls and cock for the kid. After that, Jamie followed him like a puppy dog, and in the privacy of the lifeguard shack, sitting in the cramped space, Jamie sniffed Davey's crotch when Davey leaned way over to retrieve his whistle from the shelf behind the kid. They both locked eyes, the kid knowing he was busted.

    Davey slid out of his shorts, inches from the boy's face, seductively licked the whistle and nudged it between the kid's lips, and winked. Wrapping the long cord underneath his own balls, he drew the boy to the base of his cock and waited. A slow, low moan escaped through the whistle as the kid took in the intoxicating smells of Davey's manhood. Another low, groan and whistle as Jamie's eyes closed and he hungrily nosed underneath Davey's balls and scraped over the whistle's cord that bound Davey's testicles tightly.

    The older teen stripped him and maneuvered the kid in the cramped confines of the shack, until the thin nearly hairless legs were folded back on either side of the trusting face looking up at him. Davey spun around in a 69 to lick at the boy's bottom and drive his tongue like a cock teasingly inside the most private intimate entrance to the kid's sexual defenses. Ocean waves covered the sounds of the kid's moans and the increasingly urgent whistle that became louder and more frequent as Davey burrowed his talented tongue deep into the boy's smooth anal entrance...

  5. The tightness of the whistle cord excited Davey, knowing the connection between the boy's pull on the red cord labeled LIFEGUARD and the kinky feel of being naked with the hot rimming that brought Jamie to the peak of sexual ecstasy. Davey tongue-fucked the kid's butthole, hearing the whistle nearly shrieking from the kid below him as an anal orgasm shot through as a sexual jolt to Jamie's young hairless balls.

    Davey pistoned his penis against the kid's smooth chest and soft tummy. Jamie tugged one last time to twist the cord and gently tickle Davey's balls, causing the older teen to moan and stab between the boy's smooth buttcheeks. Feeling his release, the lifeguard unloaded to bathe the boy in a gooey, slick ejaculation as he slumped down to lay flat against his young lover. It was intense as Davey remembered the exquisite feel of the pressure of the cord on his balls and the flood of cum that kept spurting after Jamie loosened his grip on the cord and let the whistle fall from his lips with a loud sigh.

    Jamie sucked the cum-soaked cord back between his lips to savor Davey's taste. Davey leaned in to kiss the boy's spermy lips and taste the mixture of their joining. As he stood, Davey lifted the kid, their hands entangled in the cord, he took a sharp knife to cut the length of the cord and draped the longer half around Jamie's neck, watching as it hung with one sticky end to the kid's nipple. Davey kept the rest of the cord, with the whistle, knowing their cums had probably mixed into this souvenir of their forbidden encounter.

    Davey came out of his trance with his dick now coated with slick pre-cum. He looked up and saw the two teens again, wondering which one would blow hardest on his whistle.



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