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Oct 14, 2016

Tactful masseur

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  1. The kid was just one of the typical guests who come to the resort with his parents. Bored and horny, they spend their time sexually teasing the young men working far from home. Joey acted a little shy at first, but Marc knew it was part of the tease. Though Marc liked the kid instantly. The kid had a nice cock and Marc was interested in some action with this boy. Joey had reminded him of his kid brother and the sexy times in bed together...the shower...and of course, dangerous fucking in the living room while their parents slept upstairs. Marc remembered that their sex had been so loud, he had to stuff his jock into his brother's mouth to quiet him when he came. He wondered if this kid was loud when he came. It might not be long before Marc would know the kid intimately. Pre-cum now leaked from Joey's dick, dripping from the expert touches of the massage.



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