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Oct 15, 2016

Full job interview

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  1. Evan found the choice impossible for selecting his new assistant. His dick was hard and leaking pre-cum as he considered his possibilities. Miles, the office assistant was a handsome stone fox. Gazing into his eyes always makes Evan tremble. Evan desperately wants Miles to fuck him.
    Billy, the freshman intern is so fucking cute. Evan has spent considerable time exploring Billy's tight little body. However, it's the first time to see the kid completely naked, and there are many considerations. Billy responds well to intimate kissing from Evan. Once he had a spontaneous orgasm when Evan thrust his tongue past the kid's lips. Billy had also shot a load of cum when Evan had tongued the office boy in his first rimming.
    Now that they were equally stunning in full naked splendor for him, Evan would have them face-off. Evan would pleasure himself watching them kiss as they each frotted the other. He wanted them both.



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