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Sep 18, 2016

Officer Morecock takes his time for the strip search


  1. I love the expression on Austin's face. What I'd give to be able to touch Austin Butler's body anywhere I'd want! I'd suck his cock then he'd be made to suck mine!!!

  2. Moreland's undercover work was exciting, especially in his selection of sexy young men. Austin and Billy were best buddies and stepbrothers just messing around in the car because they couldn't have each other while their parents were at home. But they'd been too horny tonight. Taking a chance at dick-play in the back seat was arousing, especially with the danger of being caught naked and hard. And that's just what happend. Their rock-hard dicks in each other's mouth, sucking away and close to cumming.

    These two were going to be fun to observe further. Naked boys always stoked Moreland's desires.

    At the police station, the officer offered a deal. He wanted them horny again, just the way he found them, with their hands on each other's cocks, lips sucking. Soon, he would have Austin hard, and he'd put them together naked in the private room he kept to fulfill his horny feelings for boys. Once alone again and naked, they'd cuddle while he watched. And then the other kid would do as he was told and the boys would make out and have sex for him.

    "Morecock," he had said mysteriously in a husky voice as he licked Austin's ear in lust. As he perved his stepbrother being molested, Billy's cock tingled as he realized he would be willing to go through with the deal for the cop to watch as he made Austin cum for the pleasure of the officer infamously known as "Morecock."



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