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Aug 28, 2016

Summer games : make him to cum without any cocks contact

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  1. It had been days since the boys and their patrol leader, Jeff, had jacked-off. Now their cocks oozed pre-cum as the older scout sat naked in front of the cutest of the two younger teens. With hands behind his back, Jeff would be able to swear that he had not touched either boy. Instead, he had dared them into a "naked staring game" and allowed one boy to stimulate the other with gentle touches as he watched, licking his lips.

    Billy squirmed to keep his hands off his erection as he stared at the eruptions from the older boy's cock. Meanwhile, Mike kept his clothes on, intent as he watched his hand roam over Billy's naked form. Mike was making Billy feel real good - rubbiing his chest and playing with his nipples. During the nights of their camping trip, Mike secretly played with his buddy's hard rod, as they laid naked underneath their sleeping bags. Jeff could smell the sweet scent of the kid's ball juices. Jeff had listened closely, pretending to sleep while inches away from him he knew Mike's fingers were running all over his buddy's throbbing penis. He could hear both boths' ragged breathing and would shift or cough to frustrate the boys just before either could cum, making them save their pent-up loads for him.

    Now, naked before them, one boy pleasuring the other as he watched, Jeff's own tortured member was beating pulses of pre-cum leaking down his shaft. Having the younger kid stare at his dick just made him more excited. Bill's thick young dick responded, as a glob of jism, then another, rolled thickly up from his balls and crested over his meaty dickhead.



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