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Aug 18, 2016

A strange awakening in a strange house after a trek in the remote part of the forest...

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  1. Only part of what he could remember was the sexy young man swimming naked in the pond. Then being discovered perving the kid by the old man. More than friendly invite to join father and son up at their cabin. Lots of sweet whisky. Letting the boy climb into his lap to grind his naked crotch while they traded sweet gentle kisses as the old man watched. The kid tore at his shirt. Licked at his nipples. Impaled himself riding his cock. A rush of feelings. Delicious feelings. Balls tightening. Orgasm. Wet, warm floods gathering around his spasming cock. A sticky warmth with smooth skin as the boy flicked his tongue seductively. A spray of hotness onto his side from a deeper moan and release...the father?



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