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Jul 29, 2016

Just one kiss, because none of us is gay, I think...


  1. How can anything that feels so good, be wrong?...

  2. It was Donnnie's sexual desire come true: His twin sister's boyfriend had stayed overnight alone with him, unable to leave in the snowstorm. Mark hadn't realised that his girlfriend's kid brother was the only one there when the rest of the family were delayed by the storm. Mark had arrived shivering, and Donnie remembered pleasurable scout camp memories of warming by skin-to-skin NAKED contact. The sexy older college male had arrived soaked - slyly accepting underwear so he wouldn't be completely naked, which added to Donnie's own excitement.

    Mark had been saving his load for days, but the intimacy of the night and his girlfriend's twin image as a boy loosened his inhibitions. Mark had found himself horny and let the boy sleep with him. Donnie knew he would be using the borrowed panties stretched-out by the college dude's sexy cock. It was to be his all-time ultimate jack-off fantasy as remembrance of their naked night together.

    The younger boy stripped them both completely naked, as he began making out with his sister's boyfriend. The snowbound young lovers rubbed their hard penises into each other and kissed passionately. They had entwined their tongues and simulataneously felt their wet, smooth tongues glide in caresses that matched the slick pre-cum soaked crotches. As they pistoned their throbbing boycocks together, both boys discovered with surprised delight that they each had shaved pubes. They moved together in the night, fucking with the sensation of frotting erect dicks at the full frontal nudity with their chests and legs wrapped in each other, bringing the boys to a loud, cum-filled mutual climax.

    At daylight, Donnie's dick was leaking pre-cum as he leaned into the masculine form, urging another round of sex this morning. If he didn't get to suck his sister's boyfriend, then he promised himself that would cum next time. The would arrange for more naked sex where Donnie would beg his sister's boyfriend to fuck him and be his boyfriend, too. Mark would come to accept this, but only if Donnie would watch whenever he fucked Donnie's sister.



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