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Jun 7, 2016

Once and for all

Questions about the age of the characters depicted in my work is boring and it is the subject of too many trolls and silly regulations. I will be clear: I never use minor model. My sources of inspirations are either porn actors (Feel free to contact the studios) or well known celebs (so the date of the shooting is verifiable). Nature makes that some younger people appear older and that some older appear younger. The aims of the law is to protect the real exploitation of real minors, not what people thinks. (By the way, only the regulators of google or Tumblr are sufficient skilled to know if a drawing depicts a 19 years and six months old man or 21 years and six month old boy).

My digital artwork does not transform the real age of the actors, nor did the movies or the TV shows. The storyline is related to entertainment. I cannot control what people thinks to see, but I do not see why I would venture down a road which does not build up any interest for me. Only young men inspire me. So, I depict young men who are often sufficiently well built not to be mistaken with another thing. And they are all 18 years or over. Yet even I take my inspiration from Caravaggio, my models are older.

Renewed religious bigotry casts the shadow of hysteria on the sexual behavior which confuses all the subjects and all the debates. Unfortunately, I think that it is worsened in case of the homoerotism. In fact, I'm quite tired. Well done.


  1. PLEASE SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT STOPPING YOUR MAGNIFICENT ARTWORK, AND POSTING OF IT! This memo sounds like you are stopping. I would be sorry to no longer see your posts. PLEASE do not give in to the haters and bigots of the world. They can not win, they must not win! You, and your beautiful art, are well loved by many. I pray that you will not let the opinion of a few assholes of the world take you away from all the rest of us who love you! Rise above the haters, I beg of you!

  2. I admire your artistry. I sincerely hope you will continue to create more art works and post them here. All of those many who are like-minded will suffer a great loss if you cease to create and post. I hope and pry you will keep on with your excellent work.



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