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Feb 1, 2016

Sometimes, the Ambassador uses young cute interns to calm some angry dictators.


  1. No one could understand why the super-straight and happily married ambassador always chose the most handsome and baby-faced interns for such a coveted post. Certainly, these boys could not have been the most experienced, or educated. They barely looked like they had completed high school. But for those in the know, who have access to top-secret classified material, it all made perfect sense. The U.S. desperately needed to appease the dictator and tyrant, who was threatening to cut off diplomacy with the U.S., which would be a recipe for disaster. At last, the ambassador had asked if there was anything that he could possibly due for the tyrant, before all hope was lost. The dictator, who is tall, dark, 50ish, and always wearing a scowl, told the ambassador the only way the countries could maintain peaceful relations was to bring him the very cutest young-looking American boys to play with. It was a dirty proposition, for sure, but Washington decided they had no choice. The beautiful All-American boys, flawless yet ruggedly handsome in a country-boy way, pleased the dictator the most. To secure their cooperation, the ambassador told them their futures would be guaranteed with six-figure salaries, and the appreciation of a grateful nation. The first group of 3 boys were brought to the tyrant's palace. They stripped erotically for the dictator, who popped an instant boner in his robes, and began dripping a lot of precum. The boys then approached him, turned around, bent over, and spread their beautiful young buttcheeks, revealing three ultra-and impossibly-tight virgin boy buttholes. The tyranny leaned his greedy face in, and sniffed all three boy anuses, and then licked them all with his long, greedy tongue. The tyranny then immediately threw his head back in estacy, and sprayed huge spasms of middle-aged mancum all over the place, in every direction. In a few minutes, he was ready to go again. Three of his burly bodyguards picked up the boys, and deposited them on the dictator's beds. The bodyguards then lifted their boy legs up and way back. The tyrant then buttfucked raw each of the boys, pulling out of one, and immediately entering the other. The boys moaned, as all 3 cherries were popped, and their little holes stretched oo the limit by the huge thick dark dong of the dictator. Each boy anus made a loud popping sound when the tyrant pushed the hole open with his huge dripping horned-up rod.

  2. If there was one thing this tyrant really loved in addition to breaking the super handsome young American boys in himself, was watching his burly bodyguards play daddy-son to all the boys. Each guard towered over the boys, and was able to pick up the boys and transmit them to the tyrant's bed without breaking a sweat even. To maintain the bodyguards loyalties, the tyrant could never be sure who was plotting against him, so he had to keep them happy. These hairy beefcakes were all in loveless and sexless marriages, and often got their rocks off fooling around with each other. They would strip and flex for each other, displaying their massive biceps and muscular power things. But all three also lusted very heavily over boyish boys. So far, though, the guards had not acted on their impulses, which were satisfied up to that point jacking off several times a day to pics, videos and live sex shows boys all over the world performed via the internet. Now, the dictator would let them all go hog wild with these boys, whose cherries he had just individually popped open by going down the line boy after boy, inserting and withdrawing his big tyrant cock, dripping with powerful semen. The boys all got lost in the massive and hairy chests of the guards, who played wrestling matches on massive tv screens in the tyrant's fuck den to make the boys more compliant. The boys saw that these guards resembled the stars they were seeing on the big screen. The guards even lied to the boys, telling them they were also wrestling stars themselves. And the boys would now be famous for having sex with such famous celebs! Each guard shared the boys. They really played up the father-son angle, which fulfilled their own strong desires to nurture and care for boyish looking dudes. The guards promised to be sweet with them, and begged the boys not to cry, though they secretly found that charming also. The scene was lovely, with the handsome brutes and slight skinny boys copulating for a long time, with many moans as the room filled with a strong boy asshole smell, which delightfully intoxicated all. The dictator shot wads of cum many times, even without touching himself, so turned on was he by the scene. He saw a very sweet side to his burly bodyguards that he had not witnessed previously, as the sweet American boys melted their hearts, and made their strong muscular penises quiver and pulsate with a terrible lust for the young cutie pies. Each bodyguard took turns penetrating the boys, one after another, in and out, very deeply, and buried inside the boys completely, only their big balls remaining outside and slapping the beautiful tender buns of the boys with each thrust. Each boy was filled with the cum from all 3 bodyguards, and the tyrant watched up close as his guards baby seed dripped, and in some cases, was farted out, by the ambassador's boys.



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