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Feb 13, 2016

Perhaps, I could wash more than you feet, poor young man... You seem liking that somebody look after you...

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  1. The priest lost all pretense. He had picked up this hot boy, his latest lusty quest cruising the streets late at night, crazed with lust for young boy dick and tight boy asshole. The boy knew the score, and didn't care either. The priest took him back to the rectory, and when his pre-cum from all the excitement began leaving it's mark on his black pants, he simply opened the zipper, revealing a huge throbbing dripping boner that caused the boy's eyes to pop out. The boy was growing hard as well in his tighty whities, as the priest massaged his feet. The handsome young runaway had an insatiable anal appetite for man dick. His anus was always itching and twitching for daddy cock, round the clock. He began salivating for the priest's huge rod as soon as he saw it. The priest's massive penis desperately wanted to make friends with the boy's penis as well, before ramming the boy's horny butthole. When they finally were nude and rubbing on each other, their penises became acquainted, leaking like crazy and showing off to each other. The penis is truly an adorable instrument, with such a cute personality, as it strains and vomits in just giving itself up to the wind. The priest wheled the boy around, bent him over, and closely inspected and smelled the boy's hole. The hole had obviously been taken many times, but the priest loved it nonetheless. The boy could even push his anus out of the hole, revealing a big round red rosebud, that the priest greedily sucked and ate. Then the priest would push the anus back inside the boy, and watch it pop out again. "Lovely," the priest told him. "Just how a boy's anus should look." The priest could wait no longer, and gradually sunk his massive penis head and shaft up the boy's rectum. He was afraid it might be too big, but soon the boy began humping himself on the monster-dick, fucking himself with wild abandon. he actually got the priest so worked up, that the boy wound up fucking huge cum spasms from the priest's cock right deep into his young bowels. The priest was so horned up,it seemed the huge cum shoots and spasms would never end, as they completely flooded the boy's innards. The priest then pulled out, revealing a massive gaping boy fuckhole. The rosebud really came out far then, and farted a massive amount of the priest's baby seed all over the rectory floor. The priest then felched the remainder of the cum, which was a lot, from the boy's used rosebud and anus



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