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Feb 12, 2016

Nerd's revenge on the football captain

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  1. Designated driver was just the plan the nerd needed to get his revenge on the football captain. As he dropped the others off, he made sure the captain, who was already inebriated, polished off the last three beers in the car. He assured the captain's friends he would make sure the captain got home to bed safely. But with the captain seriously drunk now, he made a beeline for the local motel, having to almost drag the captain in the room. The motel was not suspicious cause it was 2 guys. Once in the room, the nerd wasted no time, forcibly removing the captain's clothes and undies. "Now, you're really gonna pay, motherfucker," he cursed at him. "I'm gonna fuck your sweet pretty boy ass like a wild mutt....And the best part, is that it will all be preserved for posterity." The nerd set up the camera and pushed record. "This way, I'll never have trouble from you again. With the captain barely conscious and in no shape to resist, the nerd flipped his nude body over on the bed, peeled back the captain's super hot boy buns, and spit a lot in the impossibly ultra tight butthole, and started cramming his long nerdy penis inside the hot very tight jock anus. "Yeah, take that shit, bastard," the nerd yelped. "It is awesome to hate fuck you like this." The captain moaned and moaned in agony in his helpless state, as his very handsome virgin port of entry was cherry popped for the first time. The captain was so handsome, the nerd could not believe his good fortune. He flipped the captain over on his back, and forcibly french kissed him. "Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart," he mockingly teased the popular jock. He then pulled the captain's right leg up and way back, and penis penetrated him again. "Damn, that hole is so tight it's kissing my cock big time...I'm surprised nobody has turned you out, yet, man....Lucky me!" The nerd worked the captain over all night, and slept nude side by side with him like a brother. Then he sloppily redressed him, and took him home. "We are here...Now have a nice day," the nerd said. "What happened?" the captain demanded to know. "Just check you tube later today," the nerd explained. "It will all become clear then."



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