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Jan 5, 2016

With his dominant straight mate, Johnny feels lucky to find crumbs off the table.


  1. When your straight male love object doesn't put out for you, you, like Johnny here, go crazy with frustrated lust, and descend into the depths of humiliation, around your love object, sometimes doing the only thing they will allow, smelling the dirty socks of the guy who gets sadistic pleasure out of seeing your penis throb in his presence, with unrequited love. This straight boy called himself Wayne, after his all time favorite Edmonton Oilers hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. In an attempt to win Wayne's favor, Johnnie would buy him clothes and all kinds of items with the team logo on it. Wayne rudely received these gifts from his very cute gay friend without even a He would just his shoes, lay back and masturbate to straight porn, while Johnnie sniffed the dirty socks at his feet, jerking his cute boy penis sitting in the nude to his friend's dirty odors. Wayne loved how Johnnie made a fool of himself lusting after him, without getting Wayne's attention at all. Johnnie had many friends and males who were madly attrracted to him, and would gladly let the youth suck their penises, eat out their tight male assholes, and fuck their boy and male hybrid poop/fuckholes. But the boy only ever wanted Wayne. Johnie s penis longed to breathe in Wayne obsessively, and his anus itched and sweated all day for Wayne's straight penis. At last, Johnie would stand up and go to Wayne's side. Embarassing himself, Johnnie s cock would get off big time on the humiliation heaped on it derisively by the cold hearted Wayne. When Wayne turned to it and gave it his trademark evil grin, the penis could control itself no longer. If the penis could not explode rereceiving Wayne's love, it would then blow it's stack receiving the Oilers fan's hate. When Johnie s penis head detected a slight breeze from Wayne or his breath, it would pulsate and Johnie s penis head slit would begin to open and close rapidly, even, and especially, with Wayne ignoring it or giving it a dirty dismissive look. The penis head slit, getting off sexually on the severe hate from the other boy, would finally take a huge yawn, peel back, and remain open. It would then spray and shoot massive spasms of wonderful young beautiful boy cum all over the place, thoroughly shaming itself in front of the evil Wayne. Johnie s penis would always then begin it's long painful, frustrated retreat back in close and small to it's sad owner. The poor penis deserved so much better treatment, then with this degenerate low life Wayne. But still it perversely longed to shame itself every day around the asshole, while Johnie s asshole remained ultra tight and hopelessly itchy, sweaty and frustrated. Despite it's most fervent, daily and hourly wishes, Wayne would not pop the boy's cherried anus. Even when the boy humiliatingly spread his adorable boy.buns around the friend, shaking them and showing his super tiny asshole to Wayne. The most he got was a slight breath from the friend that caused the asshole to pucker up, and move in and out with delight, but it was a very short lived pleasure, indeed!

  2. Johnny was absolutely amazed at the ability of his friend Wayne to completely ignore him, and act like he wasn't even in the room, even as Johnny obsessively stared and drooled over him, paying very close attention to what Wayne was doing every minute. All Johnny ever got were crumbs from his "friend,' in the form of being allowed only to sniff the Edmonton hockey fan's dirty white socks. Once, Wayne's friends brought him home drunk, dropping him in his bed, and leaving. Johnny thought he had finally found his opportunity to get in his straight friend's pants. The boy removed all of Wayne's outer clothing, down to the white undies with the Oilers hockey team's logo on them. But when johnny's super lusty, greedy fingers went to pull the undies down, being able to contain his salivating lust for his heterosexual handsome friend no more, Wayne suddenly roused, got very pissed, and forcibly kicked out Johnny from the room, and locked the door. Johnny's heart was racing, and he feared he had lost Wayne's friendship forever. He fell into a severe depression, not knowing how Wayne would react, or if he would ever forgive him. He could not even function in life, moving through his tasks robotically, and very sad. Well, without ever bringing up the topic, Wayne resumed "normal" relations again with Johnny, normal being allowing his friend to smell his socks, and nothing else. Johnny, perversely, was so thankful for this concession on his friend's part, and felt very thankful to Wayne for allowing him to lay at his dirty feet again. Just being in his presence made Johnny able to deal with life again. He bought his hockey fan "friend" many more sports gifts, spending lots of money he really couldn't afford to spend. These expensive gifts were grabbed crudely from him by Wayne, without even a thank you extended. Wayne loved to see the cute boy fawn over him, and humiliate himself lying nude at his dirty feet, masturbating himself over his adoration of Wayne, with no hope of getting any reciprocation at all from his buddy.



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