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Jan 6, 2016

Training cell

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  1. The older male prisoners were very demanding! It was not enough to corrupt these innocent little cutie pie boys by doing all manners of depraved sex with them. They wanted these boys experienced before they even set foot in their cells. To this end, a training cell was designated, where the most sweet, cute and ambitious boys learned the craft of gay male sex in many different forms. They would soon amaze the older males with all manner of depraved and dirty sex tricks they would be more than qualified to perform with, and on, them. The older males wanted the boys to maintain their ultra-tight little pinhole assholes, and under no condition, were they to fuck each other in training, or stick anything up these impossibly small boy anuses. However, the boys were allowed to lick each other's holes, and special older guard trainers were allowed to stick their tongues in the boy holes, as well. The guards paid a lot of money to the old pimp prisoners for this wonderful benefit. But if they fucked up, and were seen fingering, or God help them, fucking the boys, there would be hell to pay! They were under strict orders not to do this, in an attempt to keep all the boys cherries firmly intact in their impossibly small anuses. Only very select prisoners would be breaking in the boys. The guards would literally get the shit beat out of them if they violated these orders, if not worse.



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