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Jan 6, 2016

Lot of young men like the leather of the porsche's car, but who can buy a porsche ?!


  1. A young beautiful boy like this is able to convince the middle aged male who lusts after him to let him drive and borrow the man's Porsche all the time, if the man hopes to continue enjoying the handsome and big dicked youth's presence in his life. This gorgeous boy really knows how to use his beautiful tits, ass and huge penis to secure the leathered Porsche for himself!!! It is the price the older man knows he must pay to be seen around town with the beautiful youth!

  2. The older man drools with lust all the time over this young beauty, who has the older male wrapped around his finger, and by the balls, in getting all kinds of expensive gifts, and being able to take the Porsche where and when he wants! If not, the boy will give his beauty and dick and ass to a more deserving older male who is willing to pay up!

  3. The young male loved to see how far he could push the middle aged man, who was absolutely obsessed with the boy, and gave in to his every demand. At first, the boy would borrow the beautiful Porsche for weekends. He would only let the man suck his big penis for this favor. The older man's asshole was sweating and itching all the time to have the huge boy penis stuffed in there! The boy knew this, and at last, agreed to fuck the man's hole only if the man signed the car completely over to him, thus making the young beauty the new owner of the stunning Porsche. The humiliation of losing his car for one fuck from the boy for some reason really excited the middle aged man, and his penis grew very large, and drippy and throbby with the prospect of it. The boy had him so confused that he convinced the man that he was getting a great deal! The boy told the man that other "clients" of his gave him expensive diamonds, and cash and stock options. The boy watched as the man drew up the paperwork transferring the Porsche to the young youth, then placing it by the bed, where he was lying nude with his bare buttocks raised up for the boy to fuck open! The boy laughed at the helpless stupidity of the man's obsessive lust over him, to the point that he would hand over such a treasured possession just to feel the boy's beautiful penis inside his anus, and shredding his middle aged fuckhole. The agreement called for the boy to bareback and seed the man, and then with all the wonderful gobs of boycum deep in his bowels, for the boy to pull out and immediately insert a firm buttplug in the man's anus, so the man would not lose a drop of the stunning youth's potent milky seed!

  4. To add to his humiliation, the teeth-shattering assfuck the youth delivered to the middle-aged man was full of bold and raw aggression, lacking any hint of affection. It was as if the beautiful youth had turned into a non-feeling monster lacking in even basic human affections. "Take that big boy dick," the youth crudely told him, as his penis ramrodded through the older anus with a terrible fury, shredding the man's anus, and making the man yelp with pain and discomfort! "I said take it, bitch!... That's it,... take it real rough, like this!....This is what you want, right, old fart?...You like it like this, don't you?....The rougher, the better, you hear?" The older man begged for mercy. "Please...this is the last I'm going to get for a while...After you take the car, I'll have nothing to barter with to get another pretty young guy like you in my bed?" he implored. "No!...Now you're going to get it how I want to give it to you, you hear?...I don't want you to be with another, anyway," he told the man. The youth then crudely turned the man over, pulled out fast, and lifted his legs way back and very high. "Now, you're really gonna get it," he said, ramming his big, long penis in the man's hole again. "You're talking about cheating on me, huh?...I'll show you," he said, placing one, then two, of his legs on the bed, to get better traction, and fuck then man even harder then he thought possible. He was pumping the man so fast it looked like fast-forward fucking. He then bent his legs very close to the man's ass, and frog-fucked him like a mad dog. The poor man was yelping and howling in pain. "You should have thought about that before you decided to be a little low-down ho," the youth told him. The man protested, " are just going to leave me, anyway, now that you'll have the car." The youth replied, "Did I say that?...How do you know what I'm gonna do, bitch?..I'll tell you when I'm gonna leave, you hear?...Now there has to be some other valuables you have, no?" The man said, "No...I'm totally broke...To pay the car off, I've been eating bolgna sandwiches in the car...I have nothing else." The youth, enraged, put his hands over the man's throat, and clamped down, releasing only as the man was ready to pass out. All the while, the youth's penis was fucking the daylights out of the man. "I know you're holding out on me, hear?...You better come up with something...something really good, you hear?....Or you'll be sorry, you hear?' The man could think of nothing, as the pain from the very brutal buttfuck shot through his rectum.



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