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Jan 4, 2016

The cute boys become arrogant and cynical very early


  1. The sexy young man laid back while yet another older man worshipped his body. Dexter learned early how far his looks could take him in this world. He would not work, his tricks would provide him with.lots of cash, a car, and other gifts just for the chance to be around this young cutie pie. He was getting bored, and had even begun to dabble in sadomasochistic gay scenes, and leather and slings. Boy, did Dexter look great, sexy and so very cute in leather!!

  2. After becoming very arrogant and cynical after his beauty had provided him with all a young guy could want, Dexter craved new and cutting-edge -- even violent -- gay sex. The adoration paid to him emotionally and financially by middle-aged men who worshipped and lived for pretty boy cock and ass was very substantial. There was one of his "clients," however, whose top young choice was not Dexter, but another young cutie pie named Todd, who gave up his pretty little butt dressed in leather, and reclining on slings, in wild scenes played out in dark dungeons every nights. This middle-aged client was in love with the boy, and Dexter wanted to meet the competition.



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