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Jan 11, 2016

An artwork for the wish card for an aussie client

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  1. The American youth knew that this is how the man loved to see him -- only in safari hat and boots, with a see-through sexy jockstrap! So, he sent the man this card, letting him know that had arrived in country for his annual escape from the U.S. winters, to enjoy the land down under, which has it's summers when the states have their winters. The youth met the middle-aged man when he was on a vacation with his family five years earlier, when just a very boyish-looking teen. Always known for his independent streak, the boy had dodged his family at that time, to illicitly meet the man for sexy rendezvous at the man's house near the wild outback. With the adorable koalas and kangaroos, and jackrabbits, and dingos as a backdrop, the boy and man had wild sex many times, with the man teaching the boy the joys of gay sex it it's various forms and positions! The youth popped large and wicked boy boners in the man's presence, because he absolutely loved the man's Australian accent, his rugged masculinity, and his sanity. The man picked up on this, and mercilessly played on this, and teased him and tickled and roughhoused with the boy until they both wound up tearing their clothes off, and hopping in bed, rubbing their naked bodies on each other. The boy loved the macho girth of the man's ripped muscles, his big manly dick, and ever-so-sexy and slightly hairy butt and asshole. Both had fallen head over heels for each other, and now longed for the times when they could be together during the year.



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