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Jan 8, 2016

All college doctor spent more more time with cute students


  1. The middle aged balding doc was nothing to look at, a totally plain forgettable looking man, whom no one would be attracted by, or think of having sex with. Indeed, this doc had rather the opposite effect on the male students. When they were with this daddy like plain doc was about the ONLY time of the day that their penises were not in a state of agitation, constantly getting hard, popping young male bonors, and leaking lots of pre cum in their undies. The doc could never get sex with these guys how he looked, but he was determined to have sex with them. He already had the right to get in their pants. Now he needed to make his attack!

  2. The beautiful young male being.examined knew exactly what this doc needed, and lusted savagely for. And he would really make the doc pay a lot for it. After teasing doc just enough to.seal the deal, the two agreed to meet at the office after closing hours. It was safer that way, anyway, with no distractions. This boy was so beautiful, he told the doc, "You meet me back here tonight, you hear?...And don't come empty handed, either?...I want 5 bills ($500), or no go, you dig?" Pointing to himself, he told doc, "This is some real hot shit...You know what I can get out there for this?...Now don't you play me, you hear?" The doc replied, "Oh, no! TY so much for even coming tonight....I will certainly have your funds." Doc's penis these days had turned a new corner. He could not get sex with hot males cause he was older and ugly. Now the penis had decided that it would only get aroused from now on thru the humiliation of it's owner. Doc withdrew His penis got so so hard just thinking of the humiliation of its owner giving away his hard earned cash for a little sex with the beautiful boy. The boy showed up. "Where is it?" he crudely asked the doc, who handed over the cash envelope. " take all your clothes off, and show me your body." The doc was beet red showing his flabby repulsive body to the beautiful boy, who snickered openly when he saw the naked.middle aged man. "Now turn around, bend over, and show it to me...You know what I want to see" The doc spread his old shriveled up buns for the boy. The boy moved in close to inspect the large old anus. "Now play with your asshole....Go on, stick your fingers in there." The doc made quite a sight, looking like a squealing pig in front of the finely chiseled youth. The boy then spit crudely on the poor old asshole. "Im gonna fuck that shit, now," said the boy, who, despite his cruelty, had the hots for daddy types like this. The boy did.not even remove his clothes. He just whipped his big.nice cock out of his jeans, and stuck it in the man. "Come on, papa, squeeze that prick in there....use your grippers (anus muscles) to show me how.much you love me." The boy could feel on his penis just how much the old doc cared for him, the way the fuckhole was massaging his cock in there so sweetly. The boy liked this man. He was used to older men, cause his dad had pumped him out to other males when he was young, to relieve some bad financial pressure he was facing. The boy was very comfortable in this situation, and could expertly read.the savage lusts that played out constantly in middle aged men for boy meat and ass.

  3. Doc's ultra handsome and sexy patient was absolutely adorable as a youthful boy, as one can easily imagine. He commanded top dollar on the black market of middle aged and senior men hunting for sex with very young males. His own father served as his pimp in this lucrative endeavor, and his very busy appointment scheduler was the boy's uncle. They both expertly marketed the boy, whose stunning looks certainly needed no Photoshop enhancements. But the boy became so skilled at reading the minds and savage lusts of old men for him, that the confident youth often found his own clients right on the streets and shops of his "conservative" town. The lusty older men came from all walks of life, professions and religions. The boy greatly respected these men for going after what they wanted, which was very young male face, chest, penis, and butt. And also the men loved the innocent, playful and carefree ways the boys approached life with every day. The youth only reserved his contempt for the older men who denied their super strong cravings and urges for cute boy meat. He viewed these men as truly pathetic, and wasting their lives by not.being the strong sexual beings they were meant to be. Much too often in society, the old pervert is looked on with contempt. But it should be the other way around. It's the ones who deny and don't act and hunt for young dick and ass who are causing all the trouble in the world. Their minds become deranged by denying the natural course of things and sexuality. The boy would often have to remind the older men that while they maybe are shy to show their old and graying.bodies, that they should never feel ashamed to act on their savage desires for very handsome and young males. There is a very good and totally natural reason why those desires are there so strongly every day, and do not go away. The men greatly appreciated the boy's attitude, and let him correct their misguided thinking imposed on them by society. The older males became very proud of their overwhelming lusts for the young ones, and doubled down on them, devoting more and more of their lives, time, money and gifts to the wonderful journey of older male for younger male lust, affection and true love.

  4. This extremely handsome and sexy patient pictured above, named Barrett, had an extremely erotic experience with a middle-aged man when he was a tender male youth. This client, named Horace, was a very shy and borderline paranoid man, who despite being assured several times by the boy's father, still felt he could get into a lot of trouble for acting on his overwhelming and controversial lusts for boyish youth. It incredibly fell on the boy, a very young Barrett, to put the 50-something year-old man, at ease. "It's ok...really," he told the man. "It will be fine, believe me...No one is going to cause problems for you...Look, my father and uncle have told me how much you guys shell out for these experiences with me,....and I really want to make this special for you." Horace, who had just a smattering of thin black hair on each side of his head, that was greased back, and who wore old-fashioned and round black glasses, was actually shaking, the boy observed. "Here, let me show you....I'm going to undress myself here, right now....This is just to show you that I feel comfortable with you...that you are not MAKING me do anything here, ok....everything's cool...even more than cool," he told Horace. In truth, Barrett found the man's apprehension and shaking extremely touching, after the aggressive assertiveness and demands of the other boy-lover clients he had. He was even starting to pop a boy boner around this guy. Barrett now stood before the man in just his tighty-whitey undies, and what a stunningly beautiful and smooth boy he was. The boy's wonderful beauty and sexiness caused Horace's heart to race even faster. But Barrett approached him tenderly, and strated to undo the man's dress-shirt buttons. "You see, you are not doing anything wrong, sir...I promise you," the boy said. The mixture of strong feelings coursing through the older man's body were all coming together in a crazy mix -- the ever-so-powerful lust he had for the boy and the thought of at last being able to act on it, the illicitness of it all, the huge age-and generation(s)-gap, the dreaded fear of getting in a lot of trouble or blackmail. Still, Horace turned to absolute mush around this stunning youth, and let the boy continue to undress him tenderly and thoroughly. "I'm so sorry," said the older man. "Why? What for?" asked the boy. "For my body...I'm very sorry that it couldn't be nicer...for you...I'm sorry I'm just an ugly man...You deserve so much better, son." Barrett looked down, and said. "Oh, nonsense....Now, there's nothing wrong with you...You're a very handsome man...I like you," said the boy. While it was a large embellishment, the man's sweetness was indeed arousing, and charming, to the boy.

  5. The older man's body was tall, thin, lanky and hairy. The flesh was not muscular in the least, and kind of just hung there. His large penis was very droopy, and balls rather large and hung. His package hung there sad and floppy-looking, underneath a large unmanaged bush. It always amazed the boy how these men wouldn't even try and polish up a bit before their encounters, yet in another way, it was refreshingly natural also. The ultra-cute and sexy boy, Barrett, led the older man, Horace, to the bedroom, sat him down on the bed, and then the boy pulled his briefs down to his ankles, revealing his very cute and young penis, balls, and bush package to the man, which the man loved on sight. The boy then continued the private tour of himself, turning around and showing his beautiful little buns to the man. He also bent over and grabbed his ankles with the underwear hanging there on one leg, and with his sweet little hands, spread his tiny buttcheeks far apart, letting Horace see his impossibly small anus. He stayed in this position for what seemed like an eternity. "Now just relax," Barrett rather loudly told the man, still facing away from him and baring his ass to him. "Sir...I want you to stick it in me right now...right this moment, you hear?" Horace, who was rock hard and leaking lots of pre-cum now, was taken aback. "I find this is the best time!...for both of us! the very beginning....when we are most excited...and the most aroused," the boy told him. "I have found that the biggest and most aroused dicks hurt my ass the least," said Barrett. "Please sir..,please, would you do it for me..right now?...I promise, I'm not trying to cut your time short....I will be with you the entire hour, you have my word...and we'll have lots of fun...but I want your nice dick in me right away, ok?...It's the best way." Horace certainly wanted to make the boy as comfortable as possible. He would not want to hurt him in any way, and greatly desired to see the boy again. So he got up off the bed, grabbed the lube from the nightstand, and applied a great dab of it in the youth's anus, gingerly sticking his long fingers in the dime-size and ultra-tight boy fuckhole. "Um,um..Um..that feels great," said the boy. "Wow! You've really got a way with you...Anytime now...I'm ready, sir...And please, don't hold back!...Just like jumping in the pool, it's best for me when you give it to me right away -- very hard and all the way." Horace did as instructed after several boy assurances, practically jamming his large penis head and prick deep in the boy in a matter of seconds. And he couldn't believe it..but the boy got super hard as soon as the man dick went in him. The boy's pretty cock was so hard and throbbing, and it's very sweet and slick penis head twitching and convulsing like crazy. It was the penis, as always, which tells the whole truth, and now the man really DID believe the boy. Now, the man stopped shaking, and with the boy's several promptings, went ape shit and goony with his old experienced cock, drilling the boy with a teeth-rattling boyfuck which the boy loved. "I knew you had it in you, man!....I just knew!!," he told the man. "It's fucking great, dude...Now, don't you hold back a bit, man, you hear?....Tear that shit up!...Rip it to shreds right now! hear?...You can't hurt me....You won't hurt me," he promised.



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