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Jan 1, 2016

A too much motherly coach


  1. My personal trainer coach, Kirby, has the perfect combination of masculine physical and feminine emotional. He always encourages me to train in the nude, saying clothing of any kind will only restrict what he wants to teach me. Kirby doesn't adhere to the usual coldly professional barriers of teacher student interaction. It is as if he is a member of my family that I've known all my life, even though we just met recently. I don't mind this. I'm far from home, and I was always a mama's boy, something my intuitive trainer has tapped into expertly. You see in the picture how Kirby s nice masculine hand wraps around my mid section. I didn't want to disrespect Kirby, but my very emotional penis has a mind of it's own, and really likes and responds to him in a big way!! Whether it is also the humiliation of being naked in front of him that is causing me to pop a huge dripping boner around him, as well, I am not able to say for certain. Only that my penis reaches out and strains to reach Kirby s macho hand when it holds me. My penis wants desperately to become intimately acquainted and great friends with Kirby. But so far, the trainer has given the cute piece the cold shoulder, leaving the penis frustrated and highly embarrassed. My penis is not use to this sort of behavior. It usually makes friends very quickly, and is treated with great hospitality by many males, young and old. My penis is quite the social animal, and is daily masturbated, sucked and fucked by it's many many contacts. But Kirby acts like the penis.doesn't exist, despite the fact that his super sexy hand has been brushed by it in passing, and spit some pre cum on his hand when straining to reach it at other times. I hope I'm wrong, but my trainer almost seems to take sadistic pleasure in watching my penis endlessly edge itself in his presence, and make a fool of itself trying to get his attention.

  2. Today, when in session with Kirby s hand wrapped in my mid section, my penis could control itself no more. Losing all decorum and sense of place, my penis head that you see pictured here began twitching violently, opening and closing rapidly. Then, my penis head slit took a huge yawn, peeling back and staying open. As we both watched it embarrassing itself, and both of us being unable to stop what was happening, all a sudden the horned up penis sprayed and shot oodles of thick beautiful boy cum all over the place, the slick penis head convulsing in wet spasm after spasm. My face turned beet red in front of Kirby, who then revealed in not so many words what he really wanted. "You know what I want to see, kid....Now show me it right this moment....NOW!!!!!" I don't know to this day why my mind and body knew also what he meant, because my conscious thoughts were totally confused. As if I were watching myself out of my own body, I noticed myself get up, completely turn over on the bed, place a pillow underneath my stomach, raise my little butt on the air, and with my boy hands, spread by boy buns apart for Kirby. "You knew all this time what I wanted, didn't you? dirty little slut...playing with my emotions....making me beg like a little bitch," said Kirby, totally turning the tables on me, and turning me into the one who was blue balling him, and not the other way around. ", you're really gonna pay for being such a snob, kid, you hear?" he told me. "Spread those nice boy buns of yours real far apart, you hear?.....Show me how used and chewed up you are back here.....I know you get dicked all the time....This won't be your first rodeo, for sure....Look at that pussy," he said, examining it thoroughly and then roughly sticking a few of his fingers in my asshole, and twisting them in there far and back and forth. "Well.....not bad, kid....not that bad at all....much tighter than I thought it would be." Kirby then retrieved a tube from his jean pocket, and after smelling and eating out my little fuckhole as much as he wanted, which was a lot, he lubed that young.boy cunt up superbly, and jammed his older brother like prick in there, and fucked me like a cheap dime store hooker! His huge cock felt great, so very great actually, as I have always liked the bigger ones so much better. "You like that, don't you, kid?....Your ass loves that huge macho piece, doesn't it?.....Yeah, I can tell.....Your grippers in there are kissing it big time on both sides as it passes deep through your sweet hot boy tunnel in there." I told him, "I hope it is good for you, Kirby." He replied rudely, "Yeah....just shut up, and keep ridin that big dick like you're doin, kid, you hear?...If you're lucky, I'll come back for a second drive thru tomorrow, ...but only if you ride that shit like a dirty little slut...Can you hang with that, boy, huh?"



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