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Dec 30, 2015

Monsignore Morecock agrees to take young runaways under his wing.

- My maid is washing your dirty clothes... You can stay here tonight, but, I have a very small bed... Wow...!  Do you thank God for those ... those ... generous blessings ?


  1. Monsignore Morecock was a happy man! Other men his age appeared exhausted with life, and having all kinds of mid-life crises, cause they didn't go after what they really, truly and passionately crave, what every man craves -- cute boys to play with and have lots of sex with! Because of modern society's ridiculous and hypocritical mores, Morecock had to use this priestly route to get into the youth's pants. It wasn't he that was the hypocrite -- it is society, forcing him to go through this façade just to get some boy dick. Haven't they read their history? Ancient Rome, and Greece, societies where this behavior was totally commonplace, and where it would be unthinkable to attach a stigma or shame upon. Anyway, here we were. At least Monsignore could help get runaway boys off the cold, mean, dangerous streets and give them a warm bed, safety, fresh food and plenty of tender, love and care. Here, the boys stunningly beautiful faces, bodies and penises would find their proper worship. Just look at these two beauties pictured above? Absolutely gorgeous!!...and the lustily big and long penis on the one boy would be an absolute sin not to put to it's rightful use giving orgasmic pleasure to the middle-aged mouth and anus of the Monsignore!! But both boys were utter delighta! -- you truly could not choose one over the other, nor would Morecock have to choose. He would be with the boys separately, or together, and some times would love to just sit back and watch the boys go at each other, or with other male guests -- young and old alike -- who happened to be over at the time. The first order of business was always to get the boys out of their dirty and wet clothes, and get them laundered. Sometimes, but not always surely, the boys would question why their undies had to also be washed right away, or if they did, why replacements could not be offered in the meantime so they weren't naked. Morecock would simply tell the boys that there wasn't anything more natural in this world than young youth hanging out naked with older men. When Monsignore explained the logic behind this, a lightbulb would go off in the boys, and they would see how it made perfect sense. Morecock's most important object lesson to the boys was always that they should never be ashamed of displaying their nude bodies around him, that they were on this very earth to use their young beautiful faces, bodies and penises to bring pleasure to older men, and to receive the utter adoration, total attention and worship of the men in return, along with many gifts!! This pleased the boys, and put them at ease with their nakedness. Besides, Morecock always kept the heat cranked in the monastery, so the boys felt very comfortable. However, Monsignore's balls often got sweaty thia way. But that was ok. He lived for the boys, and their comfort! The boys saw the utter logic in this "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" arrangement. More often than not, though, their cute little backs were being massaged, instead of scratched, by Monsignore Morecock.

  2. Monsignore Morecock looked over both these nude boys, and instantly knew the role for them both. The more masculine of the two, Ross, had a huge handsome cock for a young boy. Morecock knew immediately that he must be penetrated with this as soon as possible. His asshole began itching and insisting on it right away. The much used asshole told it's owner that it must swallow that cock immediately, or no sleep would be permitted that night to either Monsignore or the boy. Coercion was suggested by the itchy anus, but force or a stealthy night attack must be applied in the event this did not work. The other boy, Andrew, the more feminine of the two, would be sticking his nice penis in the spiritual man's mouth as Ross was drilling the Monsignore. Ross was hesitant, and insisted on going to bed, and being given underwear for the night. Andrew was more compliant. Two hours after falling asleep, Monsignore made his move on the boy. Andrew, in the nude, removed one by one the priestly vestments of the Monsignore, and then man and boy approached the bed of Ross. "Suck my cock right now, in front of your buddy," he demanded of Andrew. "I know you've sucked a whole lot of dick on the streets...and your mouth will feel great with all your cocksucking experience...And suck it loudly, with a loud of slurping!....I want this stuck-up friend of yours to wake up." Andrew sucked him off for a few minutes. Then, Monsignore pulled back Ross' blanket, and told Andrew, "Pull hos undies down right now." Ross was sleeping on his stomach, and when his tighty whities were taken off by his friend, his beautiful young ass rose in the air. "Spread those beautiful buns of his far apart now....I want to see that hole....I just know it's as sweet as ever in there." When Andrew separated the young perfect buns, Monsignore gasped. It was such a tiny hole, like he never saw before. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked Andrew. "I know you guys turn tricks all the time out there. The other runaway's holes are usually huge, and all chewed up...This looks fresh from the factory!...Let me see yours." Andrew was hesitant, but showed his anus to the priest. It was a huge asshole, pretty much destroyed. It looked mean and angry, and the youth could actually push his anus out of his body. "You little tramp," said the Monsignore. "You disgust me...How did you let this happen to you?" Andrew felt bad, and Monsignore took him over his knee, and spanked the prolapsed anus. He then went to Ross' bed, and ate the boy's ultra-tight teeny-tiny asshole out for a long time, til his jaw hurt and his greedy tongue was almost frozen from overuse. He turned him over, and the sleeping boy had a piss hard-on. "This will do," said Morecock, who then straddled the youth, and lowered his much-used fuckhole gradually down onto Ross' huge and beautiful boycock! The pain was intense, but for Morecock, pain in his anus from boy dick was also an utter estacy of pleasure! And he sadistically shredded his asshole bloody riding the boydick for almost 20 minutes. From the repetitive motion, the boy's penis erupted with gobs and gobs of wonderful twinkie cum in spasm after spasm deep in the Monsignore's bowels, utterly flooding them! Only his beautiful boy balls remained outside Morecock's anus. After the boy's dick gradually fell out of the hole, the asshole loudly farted out a lot of the boy's spent seed.

  3. While the Monsignore immensely enjoyed a sleeping Ross, he needed a conscious boy, and it wasn't long before his greedy, fucked-out anus began demanding the slightly feminine boy, Andrew's boy cock, as well. Andrew was sweet with the Monsignore, and the spiritual man liked a sweet boy, as well as a bad boy. Andrew fucked Morecock more like an actual lover, despite the massive age difference. This boy came heavily experienced, and he fucked expertly, and his penis was big itself, and felt great in the male asshole! Andrew's penis moved in and out of Monsignore's hole, sweeping up a lot of cum slop of his friend Ross in the hole. It actually was able to keep Andrew's penis lubed nicely throughout the long assfuck, and provided great traction inside the older man's butthole. He also filled Monsignore with loads of his own boycum, and Monsignore's double fucked out asshole finally gave him the o.k. to go to sleep, as long as Monsignore promised the fuckhole more pretty boy action for the following day! The spiritual man's hole had an insatiable appetite for all things boy -- boy face, boy hair, boy body, boy belly, boy back, boy shoulders, boy penis, boy balls, boy buns and boy hole. It would never rest thinking of these things all frickin day, every day of the week, and year, and of his hectic life.



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