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Nov 21, 2015

The Exorcist IV

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  1. The cotton briefs clamped between his teeth, Wes bit down hard as he worked the gathering wetness that mixed his spit with the spermy taste from his brother's discarded cum rag. The cotton absorbed the moist, still-warm juices from the ejaculate that morning and he had hurried to complete the fantasy while the thoughts and the spent cum were still fresh and sweet with forbidden thoughts. Now with his legs splayed wide for this stranger who held him in place, he worked the dildo with slight twists and thrusts as his mind conjured the nude image of boys from his gym class and the one special teen with the light dusting of blond pubes. He plunged the dildo deep inside, pushing the vibrator to full throttle as masturbation gripped his throbbing cock tighter and his anus clamped down on the invader. Wesley was close to orgasm now and loudly whimpered, grateful for the privacy offered by the Holodeck.



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