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Nov 5, 2015

No, no brother...! Five hundred bucks isn't enough for a bitch of this quality !


  1. Ive got to feel that hard log in me! Can you come up with a few more bills to please my boss, PLEASE!!

  2. Oh, my penis is stretching this fabric to the limit! This is my 7th ckient of the day, and yet I am still horny as fuck. This guy thinks that I am trying to work a better deal. Well, my pimp here cares about that, but I need this dude s log in my hybrid hole asap

  3. The worst part is that, right after this guy fucks me out. Well, that s the great part, but then I won't even be able to wash up, cause right when he leaves, my boss will make me take him, saying he prefers me dirty. Well, this is a lot to expect after all the overtime fucks of the day, but what can I say? Im just a piece of meat and meal ticket for this slave driver. I even hear through the gossip mill that he is grooming a striking young stud to be the new victim



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