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Nov 6, 2015

Men like boys like me


  1. This young angel takes develish delight in seeing plain older men forced to drain their savings over and over to indulge their insatiable lusts for him

  2. He flaunts his boyhood, vigor and beauty in front of these paunchy, balding, regretful middle aged men. His long, perfectly handsome penis monster is a further rebuke to these viagra dependent wash outs, whose shrinking penises need an unnatural jolt to join the party. Some of these men even get off on their misfortunes, going so far as to have the boy berate them emotionally and physically, and demand a higher price for every visit. Yeah!!

  3. Some of these men, though, are very sweet. And for them, a sympathy fuck is on the agenda. You should see their sad.eyes, as I penetrate them with my long schlong. They enjoy, but they are deeply ashamed even for me to see their disgusting bodies, and listen to their raspy, old, annoying voices. I dont exactly know why, but I can really get off big time when I sympathetically drill an old dude

  4. It is amazing how many of these men beg me to fuck them super hard! Many times it is an angry fuck on my part, cause the way they cheat on their girlfriends and wives with me is so low down. And I know that even with that, I will not occupy the priveleged position in their lives that these girls and women do. So I make them pay for that, fucking them mercilessly in and out, in and out with my footlong handsome young dick. I like to see them walk funny afterwards

  5. Still, I admire the way these men go after and sacrifice for what they want, for what their bodies and minds know and crave, that will bring them the most sexual pleasure. They flatter me. And get me nice things, and are so grateful every second they are around me. They are so sweet on me. The most pathetic men are rhe ones who hold back, despite their lusts. Who never have the balls to approach a beautiful young dude like me, who would be flattered with the attention.



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